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  1. Shade

    I need help please

    is your steam account still limited?
  2. Shade

    [1-4P] Space Station Defense - Zero-G Survival Mission

    This is a space endless survival level based on the International Space Station from the movie Geostorm. A malfunctioning Dutch Boy has inadvertently caused a chain reaction forming a rapidly-expanding cloud of space debris, and forces ISS to call for reinforcement to protect the space...
  3. Shade

    Can we have layers on besiege? like what we do on photoshop?

    more like in blender instead of like layers in photoshop. but i agree
  4. Shade

    [1P] Bana City on Fire - Firefighting Mission

    This is a firefighting-based level modeled after Bana City from Ace Combat 5: Unsung War Campaign Mission 11B (Reprisal). The bustling energy that filled the city was interrupted by massive fire all over the city. You must extinguish the fire as quickly as possible. Water cannon will be a vital...
  5. Shade

    Weird physics problem

    mate you forgot to rotate the horizontal propeller blades with R button, they didn't face the same direction
  6. Shade

    Very annoying mousewheel bug

    sounds like a bug with windows. have you tried hold down DPI button for 3-5 seconds?
  7. Shade

    block collision ?

    the problem is not the 2.0, but the drills. the vibration was because starting cube mass too light to support that many drills (which is alot heavier)
  8. Shade

    Spinning block reversible?

    but you can reverse the piston too
  9. Shade

    [1-5] Attack on Pearl Harbor - Surprise Attack Mission

    Based on the event of 8th December 1941 attack, where Japanese task force attacked the American Pacific Fleet in port at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii with the intent to deal a devastating blow. The attack resulted in major Japanese tactical victory. On the next day, the United States declared war on...
  10. Shade

    Default F1 camera gets pushed out or slowly falls to the ground

    they used to have default camera based on the center of blocks position, but they changed it probably because propeller screws them up. can't you just refocus to a block you want with middle click?
  11. Shade

    Einstein's Theory Of General Relativity (So we can screw around with physics in Besiege further)

    It's pointless. No object is big enough to travel in a close speed of light and still visible to stationary viewers to see the redshift. We can even travel faster than speed of light in besiege.
  12. Shade

    Multiverse bug

    this caused by a mod. open console (`) to check which one throws error
  13. Shade

    Sad news

    My condolence. Too bad my thread about how to auto backup doesn't work on you
  14. Shade

    The MultiTest Map

    that's a lot of things to do in a single map, nice
  15. Shade

    Why we don't have a water level or water sandbox in besiege?

    also they have to spent more $$$$$ to make a good water
  16. Shade

    In the block settings window, what does the button above the keybind do?

    yes. ignore button click without removing button key. rarely useful best scenario i can think is when testing one set of mechanism without affecting the other mechanism that has same keys. it also keep the key group so it won't mess group naming too much
  17. Shade

    complex vanilla planes

    what, you can just use the in-game Advanced Building tools. not sure what bugs you meant, but you can make planes more stable by using larger wings, dihedral wings or just more propellers on stabilizers.
  18. Shade

    Besiege only gives sound but no display

    have you tried in windowed mode?
  19. Shade

    Layer System

    layer system sound really good! and I have never heard someone requested it before
  20. Shade

    Triangular Blocks!!!!

    now after we have triangle primitives in level editor, and AB to rotate blocks so it's not constrained in 90 degrees I would love to see this happens in the future