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  1. ITR

    machines don't load up not even core block

    What mod did you install last?
  2. ITR

    NoBounds Mod [Besiege 0.32+]

    This is the old version of the mod, for the newest version on steam
  3. ITR

    ACM - Advanced Controls Mod [Besiege v0.45]

    If you want gamepad control you could try something like joy2key/vjoy to control the game, maybe? I've done it for other games in the past, but never tried it on besiege
  4. ITR

    Return to 0 option + a Screw Slider + Level ideas

    There are some building techniques you can use to get return to center steering, if you google "Besiege RTC" you'll find some not sure about the other stuff, I guess maybe the levels could be made in multiverse
  5. ITR

    Tower Defense single player levels.

    Somebody did a wave-based defense mod once, IIRC, maybe you'd like trying that? Not sure if it's updated to multiverse tho
  6. ITR

    Level Editor loads the level xml wrongly.

    checked the decompiled code, seems like it currently just parses the elements LTR, so the leftmost one is x, the second is y, the third z, the fourth w Is there any specific reason you need them to be proper tag-based?
  7. ITR

    The Official Besiege Discord Server

    Did you just... copy part of the other thread about the discord and repost it...?
  8. ITR

    spaar's Mod Loader (1.7.1) [Besiege v0.45a]

    What do you mean? The current version of the game has a built-in mod-loader, as mentioned in the first post, and the post two above yours
  9. ITR

    Designs stored on cloud?

    Some people have set up other cloud clients to just automatically save the SavedMachines folder, maybe that could work for you?
  10. ITR

    How can I trigger other block's action via modded block?

    Just an assembly decompiler on "Assembly-CSharp.dll" and see if there are any methods on the blocks you want to activate that you can call. You could also try to override MKey and somehow feed into that.
  11. ITR

    Reason for MV instability?

    Even in SP the game freezes when loading big creations or starting sim with big creations, so that's not very strange. Not sure about the other bugs, don't crossbows have a global arrow limit? Or maybe there's a bug with that if there's more crossbows than arrows, but that would be strange...
  12. ITR

    Beta 0.8 bug

    Nice to hear ^^
  13. ITR

    Reason for MV instability?

    I'd assume it's a mix of high ping/low framerate, the game being physics based, and besiege machines usually having a lot of parts.
  14. ITR

    Beta 0.8 bug

    What mods do you have installed? Have you tried disabling all mods and reinstalling the game? Exactly how does it not work? What do you do, what do you expect to happen, and what actually happens?
  15. ITR

    How to appeal a ban.

    There you go
  16. ITR

    How to appeal a ban.

    There are other places to find people to play with, you can ask around on the besiege reddit if you want to. Not getting as much enjoyment out of the game is not something that will influence our decision. Do you promise not to spam again, and do you understand that if you break the rules again...
  17. ITR

    More precise blocks collisions (will match geometry at least)

    More precise collision may not actually help, since the physics engine isn't made for gear mechanisms, I think
  18. ITR

    Multiple map sizes for MV maps!

    2^(log2(20000)-23) = 0.00238418579 precision There may also be additional problems with the netcode for multiplayer, I don't know how it's implemented, so there may be some additional friction there. Should be possible, I think
  19. ITR

    How to appeal a ban.

    There's no official process as of now, but you can plead your case here if you want. What's your discord ID?