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  1. Thu_Fonz

    Diverse Driving (new)

    Weird Driving.bsg There are many ways to drive this using the different settings. My favorite way is to hit 1 until it looks like this. Then hit 4 until it looks like this. Then use arrow keys to drive like a motorcycle. But there are also many other ways to drive. Can be modified into...
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  3. Thu_Fonz

    chaos engine quad drone

    Hard to fly, but very fast. Darn I forgot a screenshot again. Attached Files chaosflyer.bsg
  4. Thu_Fonz

    walking catapults in progress

    CatapultWalker controls- right side- o&l (foward/backwards) leftside- u&j (forward/backwards) catapult1- 1&q ( hit q as timer for distance, than hit 1 to shoot) catapult2- 3&e ( same concept) It is tankdrive opporated, so yes you can turn. Attached Files catapultwalker.bsg