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    [Mod request / idea] Functional / moving starting block with controls

    I suggest adding controls to the starting block to control movement; Pitch, roll, left, right, up, down. Could make it absolute (other blocks, weight or propulsion have no effect), or on a toggle by axis (propulsion can alter, say, rotation on (original) Z axis, but not others)
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    [TGYD block request] Armour block variants

    More sizes of armour block to help cover larger areas without slowing the game down. 2x2 4x4 1x4 1x6 2x6 A block would be placed centrally over the area to be covered. Mockup:
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    [Mod request] Air-burst explosives

    Maybe on a timer, maybe on a key
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    [Mod request] Toggle roll pitch of main block

    Much as the title. Explanation of roll, pitch and yaw here. Would be handy for building hovering machines and stopping the inevitable pitch to one side.