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  1. daichi

    Suggestion: Option to Not Overwrite the Thumbnail

    nice idea! I need it too. and i like him who didn't forget advertise his Tie fighter in this suggestion XD
  2. daichi

    Sensor blocks!

    yes, but i suggested an idea easy to realize in vanilla UI. (idk how hard to do, tho...) Sensor mod is awesome, but there are few people using it, then i can't upload sensor machines in the workshop (if they don't have it, it would be a trush...).
  3. daichi

    Sensor blocks!

    Sensor blocks have been gotten an idea from Sensor mod, but they fit in vanilla game more than it. When these sensor blocks sense anything, they "output" any key signals, as same as a player press a key. For example, if they're set C key, cannons would shoot a bullet when the sensors work...
  4. daichi

    Please make it possible to make 3D models for braces

    i think so too at all, but when i imagine how to make a model of brace, i would have to make two models - the end and the middle. the middle part model is little bit hard, coz it stretches... and also i wish i could change cannonball models.
  5. daichi

    I'll upload it in Besiegedownload. please wait :)

    I'll upload it in Besiegedownload. please wait :)
  6. daichi

    Robot Launcher - Jetpack walker & catapult

    I post machine here first time :P this is my latest walker G29mc"GARGOYLE" mk-2... but you don't have to walk. it has jetpack! taking off of course it can walk x2 Assalt rifle Workshop:
  7. daichi

    [OUTDATED] Water Mod 2 [Spaar`s Modloader]

    wait… who is he?