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  1. Necro

    All in One Challenge!

    Sorry as well, didn't notice it! Guess great minds think alike :)
  2. Necro

    All in One Challenge!

    Interesting, I have a few ideas on how to beat all levels, I'll be posting mine tomorrow. From looking at it i have no idea how that's a catapult but I'm about to find out. Lol, I like how it flops the bomb out, also you have an extra circle flight block on there :P I really wanna see someone...
  3. Necro

    All in One Challenge!

    What is that monstrosity you ask?! It's every type of building block in the game, however it's quite random and has no purpose. My challenge to you is to give it purpose, use every block in the game ONCE to create a cohesive design that can accomplish a task. Every single type, and only one of...
  4. Necro

    Delete and Place Control block

    Just saw your post a minute ago, Looks pretty nice. I'll have to play around with it.
  5. Necro

    Unity 5 is here!

    Also to fight the release of Unity 5 Unreal 4 is free to own now :)
  6. Necro

    Multiple Core Blocks in Sand box mode

    It think what you want is a camera block :)
  7. Necro

    Auto Stabilizing Helicopter Challenge (BE THE FIRST/CHANGE THE GAME)

    Not sure on the specs you wanted but it's simple if you do it like this. Attached Files AutoStablizingHeli-.bsg
  8. Necro

    45 degree rotated brace

    This happens in most things I make as well, Seemingly no rhyme or reason to it.
  9. Necro

    Overwrite still doesn`t work.

    Ahha! I lost something like this too, i was wondering why when i opened it all that that left was the blue block but it was angled and buggy.
  10. Necro

    Interesting Ammunition.

    It's a normal-ish catapult launching bombs mounted on spinning blocks, You release from the catapult and while in air you have spin from the spinning blocks then you release from them casing the spread. You can take this pretty far depending on your catapult, I'm gunna try to make a more robust...
  11. Necro

    Interesting Ammunition.

    Many spinning bombs are cool :)
  12. Necro

    Intermitent Wheel Failure

    Windows 7 Alpha 0.04 - Moderate Severity. Attached is a BSG detailing the bug. Depending on where you place a wheel it will intermittently work. Press play and pause a few times to see the the inner 8 Wheels don't always run but the outer 8 do. Attached Files BigWheel.bsg
  13. Necro

    Delete and Place Control block

    The block that can't be removed can be a real hassle most of the time. I find myself wanting to remove it, or move it to somewhere else all the time! It would be nice if you could either move it or delete it.
  14. Necro

    [UI] Tension/Compression Map View

    This would help out a LOT, would love to see this in the game!
  15. Necro

    New Block Proposal megathread

    For the compression springs, what is the intention of those? I would love a block that acts as a suspension but you can build it like springs, but it's rigid like braces. It would compress lengthwise but otherwise behave like a brace. I'm assuming that's what that means but just wanted to ask.
  16. Necro

    Using Sliders as Catapult can trebuchet arms?

    Has anyone else tried this? I've been messing around with it recently and it seems to generate tons of force but the machine becomes Really prone to snapping. I've made a few things with it like in this Thread but I want to make something much larger. Let me know if you've made anything like...