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  1. Skyrising

    Bind more than 1 key to a function

    For example, the wheel. It'd be nice to be able to bind, let's say, both Z & X to make it spin forward.
  2. Skyrising

    Steering Hinges and Decouplers Inconsistent

    Decouplers don't work half the time for no reason. Also currently on a build that involves a lot of steering hinges. After clicking play, only 1-2 out of 5 will work. It's never the same steering hinges either. If I click stop and play again, ones that were working previously may not be working...
  3. Skyrising

    Is it against forum rules to..

    Post a creation in 2 sub forums, if you're not sure where it belongs? I just made a land ship, and I posted it in cars, trucks, & tanks but it's certainly not those 3. It might also fall into medieval machines. Why don't we just combine all the war machines sub forums? :I
  4. Skyrising

    Wheels reset rotation speed

    In one of my builds, I've found that a couple of the wheels refuse to save their rotation speeds. I'd set it to 2.00, and it would reset back to 1.25 (the max speed of the flying spiral). The wheels are near flying spirals, not sure if that has to do with anything. The wheels are also in...
  5. Skyrising

    Being able to brace the half pipe and spring the grabber? :D

    It'd be pretty convenient to be able to directly brace the little points on the half pipe. At the moment, you have to put a solid block next to the point, and then brace the block. It's a small thing, but it'd be a big space saver! Same idea with the grabber and spring. At the moment, you gotta...
  6. Skyrising

    Aerodynamic Propellers vs Angled Wing Panels: Which Provides More Lift?

    Hello folks, Like the title asks, which provides more lift when pointed up? Assume both systems are using the same exact material except for the propellers and wing panels. Note that wing panels will also have to be connected to steering blocks in order to angle them correctly, which is 8 extra...
  7. Skyrising

    Recolor Tool

    I was thinking of a tool that allowed us to change the color of all the different blocks. Wouldn't need a color wheel or anything, just the basic colors like black white, blue, red, etc. At the moment, I'm using flamethrowers in invincible mode, to make my sails/wing panels black hehe. It would...
  8. Skyrising

    Need help with vehicle balance [Released]

    I'm currently working on something and I can't keep it from barreling/leaning to one side when it's moving. It's a semi air vehicle, wherein most of the vehicle's body is off the ground when it's thrusting. It's powered by a set of propellers, both spinning in opposite directions (side to side)...
  9. Skyrising

    Camera Block, No Invisible Walls, and Player Avatars

    A few people mentioned solutions to the camera issue already but I wanted to restate it because it's so important! A camera following behind a vehicle while it's moving would be so fantastic. In it's current state, controlling the camera is a pain because I just want to worry about controlling...