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  1. Brickobius

    Time lapse video

    That was awesome, can you do stuff like that more?
  2. Brickobius

    Rotor Bug

    normal, the blocks are clipping into eachother
  3. Brickobius

    update videos on the progress of the multiverse update

    It would be great if you released videos showing the progress that you have been making on the multiverse update through videos, maybe whenever you finish or greatly improve something, you could make a video showcasing it. I'm just really hyped about the update and want to see more news on it.
  4. Brickobius

    Update 19, Version 0.45 & The Multiverse Announcement

    In some on the GIFs you see what looks like 2 armies charging at each other, will the level editor allow you to make groups of NPCs that fight each other? I can't wait to make a battle of five armies scenario and then drop a giant death machine in the middle of it!
  5. Brickobius

    Has anyone else noticed that blocks shrunk to a certain size don't freeze?

    I know that but I thought they still changed skin... I don't often travel past the freeze limit so I guess I just didn't notice that
  6. Brickobius

    Has anyone else noticed that blocks shrunk to a certain size don't freeze?

    wait, but don't they still change their texture?
  7. Brickobius

    Has anyone else noticed that blocks shrunk to a certain size don't freeze?

    While making a machine flew to the freeze limit and this happened:
  8. Brickobius

    Just flags of "BESIEGians" ;)

    now I want this as merch
  9. Brickobius

    Weird wheels

    you could put swivel joint in the center of each wheel and brace that to something
  10. Brickobius

    Possible Besiege/Spiderling merch?

    Knight figures maybe? 1 or 2 from each island and the flags from each
  11. Brickobius

    Possible Besiege/Spiderling merch?

    core or wooden block pillow (defalt texture) would be cool too
  12. Brickobius

    Steering Hinges with RTC option

    Besiege desperately needs this so that we don't always have to make complicated RTC hinges with pistons! :mad:
  13. Brickobius

    Less noisy sheep in the sandbox

    I think besiege just needs more sounds in general, different collision sounds, maybe mumbled talking from knights and peasants, sometimes it seems kind-of empty, that might ruin it's simplistic style though... :confused:
  14. Brickobius

    Stutter Even With 60 FPS

    overall it sounds a lot like a RAM problem, but you have 16 gigs, weird
  15. Brickobius

    Stutter Even With 60 FPS

    have you tried overclocking your GPU, or are you? If you aren't you should try, but I doubt it would fix it.
  16. Brickobius

    Shadows not working

    there is a shadows option in the settings I think..
  17. Brickobius

    More destructible village

    Oh, maybe a level where you have to destroy a fort by destroying wooden supports.
  18. Brickobius

    More destructible village

    I really like the idea of Village of Diom, but it was quite destructible enough. Maybe you could use the wooden building physics shown in Ordyce Lode to create a more destructible village, also mixing wood and stone would be awesome if you plan to make some sort of lookout tower, fort, or just...