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  1. 333akram333

    Some screenshots

    Hi, I took some screenshots for Besiege. I hope you like it. imgur link:
  2. 333akram333

    [4-1v4-1] killing football!

    killing football level is football in besiege with any machine you want but with 2 rules you will find it in the level note:it’s very simple! weapons can be used I CANT UPLOAD THE MACHINE...But I have an idea! copy that code: <Level> <LevelSettings EditorVersion="0.8" UseVoting="False"...
  3. 333akram333

    50% anti fire wall climber

    move: arrows *laser: on=R ctrl bomb=R shift *need this mod :
  4. 333akram333

    war canon

    up left right down=left+right c=shot
  5. 333akram333

    idea for blocks modding!

    Sorry I do not speak English I use Google translate:( I've got an idea for a blocks modding !;) Can you make block make soldiers Fighting enemy soldiers With you?:eek::eek:
  6. 333akram333

    l'm need a help!

    i want to boost the game? what should I do?
  7. 333akram333

    fast win! (no mods)

    see the video!