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  1. JPGorbich

    E.T.A. on mod updates for 0.6?

    Not trying to pressure anyone, just curious if anyone has an estimation on when we will see mods again. Can't wait to get them back! Really want to get back to building my planes and start some of my other intended projects. Also hope that the updates are possible and aren't giving modders too...
  2. JPGorbich

    Airplanes won't fly straight! What am I doing wrong!?

    I used to play a lot more and haven't played as much as I would have liked the last few months and I've apparently forgotten something important. When I built the engine in these planes my original creations flew straight and level. Now anything with this engine just won't sly straight! Through...
  3. JPGorbich

    Need help with my flag

    So I've managed to create myself a flag but I've messed up and it has a complete background and I don't know how to make the image just the flag life the original flag I used, with no background. I'm terrible at image editors so if someone could help me with this that would be great!
  4. JPGorbich

    Need help with weird airplane behaviour

    The aircraft I have attached rolls to the left when the landing gears are down and also yaws and rolls left faster than it does to the right. However, with the gear up it flies level and straight without any issues, just rolls faster to the left. Any help would be greatly appreciated and you...
  5. JPGorbich

    Propellers don`t mirror properly

    I'm trying to build an airplane but I want to use propellers rotated to zero degrees to create a flat wing surface. I've used TGYD's Building tools to mirror and flip and simply just build it mirrored, but no matter what I do they don't actually mirror! When I drop the plane it spins, always the...
  6. JPGorbich

    Can`t mirror propellers!

    I'm trying to build an airplane but I want to use propellers rotated to zero degrees to create a flat wing surface. I've used TGYD's Building tools to mirror and flip and simply just build it mirrored, but no matter what I do they don't actually mirror! When i drop the plane it spins, always the...
  7. JPGorbich

    Game crashed and now I can`t load a machine that I`ve spent a lot of time on

    Basically the title. I was playing and I had just saved and very soon after my laptop went down. I reopened and started the game and now the thumbnail is a big red question and it won't load. I have another machine with the question mark but it will load. I'm super pissed about this because I...
  8. JPGorbich

    Help with scaling and shaping individual blocks

    I used to use editor + and that had a way of scaling individual blocks. I currently don't have any mods that will do the same, seeing as how editor + hasn't been updated yet. Does anyone know which mod will work best for for what I'm looking for? I'm working on a B-17 and would like to add as...
  9. JPGorbich

    Wings and propellers are being weird

    Lately I've been building single engine propeller airplanes and am currently working on a couple pretty unique aircraft, one of which is nearly complete but flight testing has brought a huge problem to surface that I have no idea how to fix or what is causing it. But the aircraft in question has...
  10. JPGorbich

    Braces fall off!

    0.23 fixed a couple bugs that I've been waiting for for a little while so I used this opportunity to go and fix some of my best or unfinished creations. One of the biggest issues I had was braces would fall off when I begin the simulation for no reason. I went back and fixed one specific...
  11. JPGorbich

    0.2 collisions are to big!

    Please fix the collisions of the blocks! Since 0.2 was released most of my machines explode because of pieces being to close together. In all previous versions, my machines were fine now they explode, lose way too many pieces or vibrate and trip out. I will share a couple of my favourite and and...
  12. JPGorbich

    Besiege 0.2 was much anticipated and very disappointing

    So I have been waiting for this update for a while now because I really wanted the Unity 5 engine. That's all well and good, but now my best or coolest or funnest creations, all which took countless hours to make function as well as they did, all of a sudden they either don't work, explode off...
  13. JPGorbich

    Wheels don`t spin as fast flipped

    I'm using wheels in a plane engine to make the propeller blades spin faster. I also use one unpowered wheel on the bottom of the stack to reduce torque on the machine. I have the engine on the left wing unchanged and all the wheels on the right engine have been flipped. For some reason, no...
  14. JPGorbich

    Game freezes when starting simulation

    My current main project is a B-24 Liberator which was going excellent until all of a sudden when I would start a simulation I would get one frame from the simulation and that's it. The game would freeze, I can't even move the camera. The only way I can get back to the game is by alt+tab to...
  15. JPGorbich

    [HELP] Mod that allows up and down rotation of machine as well as left and right

    I'm not requesting a mod be created, I'm just looking for the mod that allows me to do that if it has been created. Some of the machines I have built and some of the machines I am working on or want to build (planes mostly) would greatly benefit from this ability. It would allow me to stagger...
  16. JPGorbich

    [REQUEST] Allow placement of pistons and both contracted and extended postions

    I was wondering if it was possible for a mod that allows you to place a piston and choose whether it starts in the extended or the contracted (standard) position. This would allow things to be placed so that the pistons fist movement would close or move things differently than the vanilla game...