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  1. Prevenge

    Has the Unity 5 upgrade been hard on you ? (modders)

    Before we begin this is a legit question and I am not complaining. I don't know anything about modding but was wondering what the modders think of the update so far. Is it difficult to adapt your previous mods and mod blocks to the new engine? I am sort of taking a break from Besiege for a while...
  2. Prevenge

    Anew kine of a wokker. [Twotoereal]

    This my new quad-raped . I show u how to make wokker follow al the structions in the vid. Thanks advance for saying it's muh bestest mech yet. Done. Prevenge out.
  3. Prevenge

    The Fuller - Light combat biped

    INVINCIBILITY REQUIRED MODS REQUIRED The Fuller is my smallest mech yet . Being this tiny it can not carry much weaponry but boasts (relatively in terms of the Besiege mecha of my design) decent stability, turning and the potential to recover from a fall using the rear facing "toes"...
  4. Prevenge

    [video] My recent string of failed mechs.

    AKA : Why do i keep trying to build these things in this game? Just a vid i made from some clips taken during the testing phases of my "creative process" if you can even call it that. I don't even know if I will ever post any of those machines lol. Enjoy. Or don't.....choose your own destiny!
  5. Prevenge

    [Mech Arena]Anyone see this yet? Thoughts?

    They say "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." I stumbled on this while looking for other peoples mechs made in besiege and found it very interesting... coincidentally the day after chiming in on a conversation with some others about a futuristic Besiege game. It is another building...
  6. Prevenge

    Kestrel Mech. mk.I and mk.I-A flying biped!

    -INVINCIBILITY REQUIRED - - MADE FOR MODS - This design is based off of the reverse joint leg system made popular by such iconic metal death machines as ED-209 from RoboCop or the Timberwolf/Madcat from Mechwarrior. I have a couple more mechs under construction that utilize this leg...
  7. Prevenge

    [REQUEST] `smart steering block.

    Alright this may be a tall order and I dont even know if its feasable within the confines of the code for this game and engine but.....Would it be possible to create a mod that makes steering blocks behave as if they were reacting to sensory input data from an accelerometer or gyroscope? What I...
  8. Prevenge

    Tiger .... killer kitty walker.

    INVINCIBILITY REQUIRED Me again. OK, I built this a while ago but I had intended to have it developed more as a collaboration between myself and core88 The idea was good .....I would collab with one my favorite builders from the forums and the result would be the perfect amalgamation of the...
  9. Prevenge

    Blackjack- stable-ish, steerable Biped mech.

    Blackjack Strike Omnimech [Disclaimer(s)] (1. Requires invincibility.....sorry folks but that's how I build em. My mechs are almost always going to be bigger than the bounding box anyways and the complexity of the legs results in a lot of physics forces fighting against...
  10. Prevenge


    This is a fairly personal request and will probably be mostly beneficial to myself alone unless there are others who share my hatred of this sound. Some of you may remember me expressing my annoyance at the persistent and incessant sounding bleats and baaa-a-a-a's made by the sheep in this game...
  11. Prevenge

    Steam Workshop: People are terrible.

    First off its great to have workshop support....excellent feature for sharing and keeping up to date with newer versions of your downloaded favorites. Now on to the rant. What do people not get about tags? Steam has language support right? so it didnt just get lost in translation somewhere. Here...
  12. Prevenge

    Tiny sailboat in level select

    K so I have looked at the little boat on the Ipsilon level select screen hundreds of times but I just clicked it and it smashed it into pieces. It was cool but is there any point to this at all or just a little easter egg? did I unlock the secret water level? cow king's treasure zone?
  13. Prevenge


    K so i was messing with the new blocks....gears specifically trying to make a catapult that emulates a trebuchet hybrid thingy that used gears and contractible springs instead of weight but I noticed that the bomb bouncing around in the holder made it just keep bobbing up and down like one of...
  14. Prevenge

    Meet ROUGH-SHOD....a Big, badass biped! [mk.I]

    ROUGH-SHOD Requires invincibility - 287 blocks I took a break from my helicopters for a while because I wanted to get a working, publish-worthy , stable(sorta) mecha built that could satisfy my big-bot cravings. I had tried before with several different models but only ended up with a...
  15. Prevenge

    Bunker busters! GBU-28, 37 and 57

    With the introduction of the drill and physics based destructible buildings I decided to make a bunker buster bomb that penetrates stone before detonating. Not really a "GBU" 37 as it is an unguided dumb bomb but the principal can be adapted for flying spiral guided bombs, ballista projectiles...
  16. Prevenge

    Besiege Voip

    I may be drunk right now but shouldnt we have voip? and channels?channels based upon what we are working on ? This topic is to discern whether we should have a community voip setup. I love the forums...i have got so much inspiration from you guys. I am sure the devs could foot the bill but it...
  17. Prevenge

    KAMOV KA-50 Hokum Mk. I (WIP)

    NOT LEGAL - 266 blocks or so - REQUIRES INVINCIBILITY -This version is not armed Alrighty....So it began with an idea I had for a new(?) cyclic control system which used pistons to control the tilt of the rotors and mast much like a helicopter IRL. This idea came from my quest to eliminate...
  18. Prevenge

    hopes for the near-future of Besiege. My opinions......add yours!

    First off.....i am very happy with the new content patch that came out today. It's new themes, critters and enemies are all awesome and fun to destroy! The floating airships are cool and the bomb-yaks are evil. the building destruction is a cool new feature as well. Only thing i didn't care for...
  19. Prevenge

    Game crashes during load/save.

    Ok to me this seems related possibly to the in-game saved machine screenshots maybe? What happens is when clicking save OR load when it seems like its loading all the images I get some form of crash. Usually just a CTD but sometimes an error or fatal exception and error window. Restarting my pc...
  20. Prevenge

    What software do y`all use to make gifs to add for posting machines?

    title says it all . wanting to know what the best free GIF program might be ...thanks