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  1. Nissenko

    NSK Steam Turret 2

    This version has some improvements: - Capacity increased to 110 bombs - Loader secured to prevent bombs from falling - Better feed rate - "Tripod style" turret support - Wheels replaced by plows for smoother operation and better reliability Controls: L- Start shooting P- Switch...
  2. Nissenko

    NSK Rotoload

    Another way to feed a steam canon ! There are 28 bombs in this one. It shoul be easy to ad more by replicating the last row of the machine (with BTT mod for example) L - Start Shooting The speed can be adjusted but the machine becomes very unstable if you set the spinning block's...
  3. Nissenko

    NSK Grappel

    Made this a while ago, Woodmn made me think of it ! Controls: Arrows to move I/K - Tilt L - Shoot P/M - Wind/Unwind Attached Files NSK Grappel.bsg
  4. Nissenko

    NSK Helifeed (Helicoidal Bomb Feeder)

    Here's a bomb dispenser to feed your favorite machines ( Steam turret? ) There's a steam canon here to make a "full automatic" demo but you can easily modify it to "semi auto" with a grabber Y- launch It should be possible to fill it with more bombs by ajusting their placement...
  5. Nissenko

    Full Auto Steam Turret

    Here are two versions (both with a 71 bombs helifeed loader) The second one has a cockpit view ( deadly precision! ), you need TGYD's blockloader and the cockpit blocks L - Start shooting Arrows - move turret Attached Files NSK Steam Turret.bsg NSK Steam Turret C.bsg
  6. Nissenko

    NSK Trebuchets

    Two different trebuchets L - Release the projectile Nice range Wheels help to absorb the forces in the structure, try without ;-) Attached Files NSK Trebuchet 1.bsg NSK Trebuchet 2.bsg
  7. Nissenko

    Mod Names Normalization

    Just an idea: That would be great to have a normalized way for mod names Actually - some are on v1,v2,etc - others on 0.2.1, 0.2.2, etc - others on v0.4, v0.5, etc We could for example, base the mod's name on the besiege version it's been coded for, then the version of the mod For example...
  8. Nissenko

    New Small Wheel

    I don't understand why the new small wheel is 1.5 block high - It should be 1, more compact , more resistant, and less ugly (yes , that wood pole is ugly !) and I don't see the point in the mass setting, that's not a ballast !!! - Mass should be fixed (0.50 for example) The only setting...
  9. Nissenko

    NSK B.B.C. (Big Boulder Canon)

    Special design for "Old Mining Site" map 24 springs for maximum power !!! Controls: Loading rover: arrow keys to move i/k - Grabber up/down v - Release Canon: h - Pistons L - Fire Invincible Mode is highly recommended Attached Files NSK BBC.bsg
  10. Nissenko

    NSK Swordlauncher (tight barrel ballista)

    Here's a ballista with 1 block diameter barrel that throws a sword (yeah !) Controls: i/k - Tilt L - Shoot Arrow keys - move I used the "WIng panel 1/4 block spacing trick" to achevied this dimension, thanks to XerxesBlue ;-) You can't use every block as piston or projectile...
  11. Nissenko

    Da NSK Lifter

    Can lift heavy objects I/K - Tilt L - Release grabber Arrow keys to move Attached Files Da NSK Lifter.bsg
  12. Nissenko

    NSK Hovercraft (coax props)

    Simple, fast and maneuverable (no armament but there's room to put some) I used two wheels set to max speed for each motor Controls: Arrow keys Design inspired by Fnom3...
  13. Nissenko

    NSK Slingshot v2 (1+6 bombs)

    Based on Haladin's Mini slingshot I made a first attempt but the reloading system was not efficient (I had some issues with sticky steerings) What I wanted: - Legal machine (fits in the box) - As powerful as possible - Convenient reloading The firing system is a bit tricky at normal...
  14. Nissenko

    Machine Info Popup/window

    A sort of floating window with infos edited by the author, convenient to have a quick look on the controls Easier than: - Switching from Besiege to a post in your browser (when you download a machine from a forum) - Switching from playing mode to building mode and check the keymapping
  15. Nissenko

    Spacer (half block)

    The "half block trick" is so usefull The problems with the wheel when you put a 0.5 space: - it turns freely - diameter is to high It would be nice to have a sort of spacer (1x1x0.5 block) and why not a 1x1x0.25 (quarter block trick ?) attaching points in red Attached Files
  16. Nissenko

    Stable and maneuverable quadcopter

    O/K - Up/Down I/L - Yaw Left/Right Arrows - Tilt Attached Files Quadcopter 2.bsg
  17. Nissenko

    Some sort of Baseball thing

    Use the slowmo for better precision Down/Up - vertical angle V - Release grabber The sweet spot is just under the ball Attached Files Baseball.bsg
  18. Nissenko

    Firefly: One shot flying canon

    Controls: I/K - Up Down Arrow keys - forward/Backward and Yaw U/J - Tilt canon L - Fire Attached Files Firefly.bsg
  19. Nissenko

    Unpowered large wheels

    The large wheel is convenient cause you can attach objects on it, I'd like to have an unpowered version for systems that need to rotate freely When you use rear drive & steer vehicle, It would be more convenient to have non powered front wheels
  20. Nissenko

    Pickup Cranes

    I'm in my "Crane period" Model 1 Model 2 Controls are the same for both: Arrow keys to move I/K - Tilt Front/Back O/L - Bucket Up/Down M/P - Doors Open/Close U - Release grabber They work pretty well, even with heavy objects Edit: Design updated Attached Files Pickup...