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  1. Engine-er

    More Skinning Thingies (And Animation!) Options For Multverse

    It would be good to change the skins of more than just your machine in Besiege. For example, instead of the boring old tiny knights, and their pathetic swing animation, you could replace their animation with some cooler animations, just as winding up, and stepping while swinging, or their...
  2. Engine-er

    Worm Gears In Besiege.

    Having Worm Gears would be nice.
  3. Engine-er

    Einstein's Theory Of General Relativity (So we can screw around with physics in Besiege further)

    It's simple. Things with more mass should have gravity and slow down time. Objects colliding with extreme masses should create gravitational waves. Objects with huge masses should bend light towards them. If you travel closer and closer to the speed of light, you should have more mass. Colors...
  4. Engine-er

    Besiege Multiverse Overhaul

    In Besiege, the Multiverse is still a very new concept. We should have more objects in it, like the Standing Stone, Auto-Cannons, and Oil Cannons. We should also have more programming options. Instead of making this sort of list based programmer, why not make it a drag and drop block...
  5. Engine-er

    Scaling Physics/Tool

    Scaling is one of the hardest things to do in Besiege, you have to go to your file, locate the block, then adjust the parameters. It would be so much easier if we could do that with a tool. But then comes the problem of when you scale a block up, but the physics make it look wonky. Example: A...
  6. Engine-er

    Wing Drag Settings

    There should be an option to increase/decrease the wing block's drag, just so we could see what would happen if we messed with it.
  7. Engine-er

    Oil Cannons In Multiverse

    You guys know about the old Oil Cannons, that drip oil and light your creation on fire in the Old Sandbox? Would be nice to have it back.
  8. Engine-er

    Bomb Explosion Power

    Maybe the ability to edit the bombs so you can have certain explosive powers, 1x being the normal explosion amount to 0.1x being a surgical bomb. And maybe the same setting for grenades? Rocket has the setting already, so why not grenades?
  9. Engine-er

    Crossbow Buffs, Cannon Buffs

    Crossbows are too weak. They might have 30 shots, but what good is 30 shots when they only do about 500 damage to peasants? And changing the power of the crossbow doesn't help much either. The arrows just phase through them. Cannons might be a good solution to peasant-killing, but they only have...
  10. Engine-er

    Optional Grab Settings

    This should be for Grabbers. My suggestion is that Grabbers have a function in their Key-Mapper that should make them let go or auto-grab as part of their settings if they match a certain condition, such as "Touch Static", "Touch Not-Static", "Touch Fire", "Touch Water", "Has Ammo", and so on...
  11. Engine-er

    Impact Changes

    The Water Cannons and Vacuum Blocks are fun, but they don't affect buildings. That's stupid. It really ruins the fun when you try to blow down a house with a 500 power Water Cannon, that doesn't work, so then you put a peasant in front of it and the peasant does the job because it's blown into...