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  1. Ubus

    Mod Requests

    this has been asked numerous times already, no, it is impossible due to restrictions in the new modloader
  2. Ubus

    Mechanix - mechanical blocks mod suggestions thread

    have you tried resizing the vanilla ones?
  3. Ubus

    I need help please

    i'm not sure about that, but i think you can't see your own creations in the workshop. if you want to see how popular it is, use the statistics tab of your item.
  4. Ubus

    I need help please

    your profile > edit > privacy options to the right > look at the settings. im sorry that i didn't respond sooner :)
  5. Ubus

    I need help please

    maybe your whole accound is set to hidden or friends only? if yes, you have to change that.
  6. Ubus

    Beta 0.8 bug

    Thank you for your reply, but TGYD and I already talked about it on discord. He solved it the same day, it seems it was a simple build error.
  7. Ubus

    Beta 0.8 bug

    using windows 10, steam, nvidia 950, amd A8-7600 . I cant change keys in creations. at all. problem persists even after several restarts.
  8. Ubus

    Bow limb / leaf spring

    interesting workaround, but the dedicated spring is still a good idea. alternatively i would suggest giving every block a certain flexibility, and then using the blades as leafspring.
  9. Ubus

    Beta branch advanced building bug

    I am using the beta branch, and when i try to turn blocks, they often glitch far away, so that i have to bring them back with strg-z Edit: sometimes the translation arrows stay at the place the block was before. using windows 10, steam, nvidia 950, amd A8-7600
  10. Ubus

    One-way gears possible?

    it is certainly easy to implement, but its also possible to build it in game, so i don't think its coming to vanilla. for quality of life blocks try consulting modders.
  11. Ubus

    Low fps problem.

    ok? well the cpu seems ok, but a 780 is quite old. we are already at the 20xx(11xx) series after all. and amd is generally not that well supported by the unity engine, when i used a amd gpu way back i couldn't turn on shaders because it would bug out the game.
  12. Ubus

    Mod Requests

    how about making a mod that shows the center of lift? like the indicater you have in ksp?
  13. Ubus

    Blurry text and menu.

    looks like an driver problem to me, what kind of setup are you using? i had similar problems running it on linux without installing the proprietary drivers first.
  14. Ubus

    Vector Thrusters v1.1.21 [v0.45a][ID: 790-791]

    is the mod coming to multiverse?
  15. Ubus

    complex vanilla planes

    is there a good way to stabilize planes without using bugs? i tried wings on sliders once, but it doesnt work because the lift is stronger than gravity. i got around it by building better planes that didnt need it, but now i need advice.
  16. Ubus

    CPU utilization failure (I guess)

    guess thats a unity thing
  17. Ubus

    complex vanilla planes

    as TomGamesChannel said, it may not be possible without mods, but you could try figuring it out with the collider plugin
  18. Ubus

    complex vanilla planes

    anyone into building planes in vanilla? If yes, feel free to talk about them and ask questions on this thread!
  19. Ubus

    All my suggestions.

    i think dedicated tracks are a bit to much, but having a tool/feature where you can drag a hinge in the editor, and the other hinges follow as if the physics where loaded would be great.
  20. Ubus

    When's mod loader getting an update?

    i didnt want to encourage him, but its the place to ask this, no need for another thread