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  1. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege BM-13N Katyusha

    Here you go, I added a new file which is the updated version of the katyusha.
  2. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Can we have layers on besiege? like what we do on photoshop?

    Can we have layers on besiege? like what we do on photoshop?
  3. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)


    I've tried many attempts of building the best plane in the game but none of those did fit at my taste, But I hope this one will do, I put the plane on different map test and some small demo to see its performance and it turns to be average, the plane has a strong pitch like the AXF-3 but with a...
  4. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege BMH-Titan Mk1

    May I see?
  5. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Belfrey-03Mk3 Maya (BONUS PROTOTYPES INCLUDED)

    I've been working on this for about 2 days and I can't make it right and its still bad and its unreliable to be a fighter and I've been so frustrated and angry that I almost threw my PC, I've put this plane on different test like Bomber Hunt Test, Dogfight Test, Aerial Race Test, Excalibur test...
  6. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Balcon 9 (NOT FALCON 9)

    Well, Basically I tried to make the Falcon 9 to be accurate as possible, but unfortunately I didn't succeed of making it, which works so different from the real one and it was a little bit short from the real one, also it was so hard to play, that you need to push some of the buttons very...
  7. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege AD-71 MkX Swan

    I've been desperate to make some worthy fighter plane for a Multiverse PvP and all of the planes I've made are just for killing ground targets, but today this new plane I've might take a cake because it has a few different weapons that have equipped on the plane, the plane was equipped with an...
  8. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Object-279 E

    It was hard to believed that It wasn't that so hard to build and oh boy, Oh Boy, It was fairly strong and equipped with an x20 cannon for killing fully armored vehicles and an x4 cannon on the top of the turret as its secondary weapon as the backup and also it has a fair speed of 48km/h I think...
  9. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege AIO-111 AA/AT Var

    This vehicle suppose to have an x20 cannon but the turret ring was weak and can't stand the recoil and it affects its mobility, So Use 5 Vacuum Missile Instead and It was a total success because even it does have a 55% of durability, it could still dominate the battlefield because of its weapon...
  10. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege M10 Wolverine

    This tank took me about 6 hours of building it and it was harder than I expected, but a least I made this American tank destroyer and that's all it matters, but anyway this replica tank that I made has a total of 730 blocks which is laggy for Potato PCs like me, but It does have a powerful x20...
  11. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Boar-20IFV2

    The IFV2 was made before coyote because from that time I just want to have a wheeled tank for 1v1 PvP with a WW2 and Cold War inspired design, but it gets too advance from that design so I made a new one, So what about this tank, this tank has an x15 cannon which is a little bit stronger than...
  12. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege AVA-06 Coyote

    you could call this one as the "Drift Tank" because this one drifts a lot while you do a hard turn that you almost hearing a euro beats at your head if you drive this on the mountainside racing tracks, the gun power of the tank was only x10 but it could still do a punch if you do a rapid-fire...
  13. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Han-88 Paladin

    This is one of my strongest tanks I've ever built so far which is much better than the Macer and much stronger, that an x10 cannon struggles to break it, this monster has an x60 cannon which is the most terrifying conventional weapon in the game but it was also the heaviest one, its mobility was...
  14. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Archer

    I kinda bit messed its appearance because I get a little bit rushed on this because I think no one had ever built the Archer before or somebody already did with a flawless appearance. This tank has some a little bit of problem on the tracks that when you do a drift or hard turns the teeth easily...
  15. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege KMX LAVs

    Oh sorry about that it has been 4 months since I made this, So here it is
  16. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Borchi-10 The Macer

    My Jagdpanzer E100 was the only tank with an x40.55 cannon which is a powerful gun that could knock-off a tank's turret with ease, So I decided to make another one with a much stronger gun up to x55.00 which could literally just one shot an enemy vehicle with ease, Its armor was pretty...
  17. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege AX-5 Charon

    So when the v0.70 is out, some of my builds with the "Overflow Vacuum Glitch System" are no longer work at this version, which I made a improve version of my Lotus rocket that took me about 2 days and no longer works that it can't pin itself in mid-air, but I realized that Lotus Rockets can only...
  18. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Elasmotherium

    There's a reason why I don't do this kind of tank builds because it was too complicated to build, it was vulnerable to any attacks especially because of its explosive ammunition, and it needs a ton of efforts of doing it. This might be my worst tank design because it was not that very efficient...
  19. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege Aegir-3 Light Shuttle

    I'm tired of making fictional tanks because I can't make it right as reliable and sturdy, so I've watched a lot of going to space-related videos like "Everyday Astronaut" and "Vintage Space" which forced me to make some non-military build again, but actually it's kinda fun to make some of these...
  20. blitsplatapus (Tankerman)

    Besiege AMX-13/90

    This is by far the first French tank I've ever made because making does tanks looks so complicated because of its curvy shapes, but I did make some of their tanks, This Replica that I made was kinda accurate to the real one and making the oscillating turret was hard because when I making it...