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  1. Mumon

    Sad news

    The project I was working on was lost due to corrupted data... so I might as well share how far I got
  2. Mumon

    New teaser...(Revenge for the Dauntless)

    3.8k parts so far
  3. Mumon

    Cannot load bsg file

    I suddenly can´t load this bsg file anymore and the thumbnail doesnt work as well.I double click the creation but it doesnt even try to load anything. It stays on the screen where i can choose which machine to load. Can anybody please help me since this is a major project of mine counting 2700...
  4. Mumon

    Guess whos back

    little bit of a tease
  5. Mumon

    Basic Jet

    i made this plane as a prototype of some sorts so its not engineered elegantly ( no rtc controlls etc..) it basically served as test if the engine works on these type of planes so it fulfilled its purpose u will need to drive it of the edge since it cannot accelerate enough on ground BUT you...
  6. Mumon

    Biggest flying machine in besiege yet

    about 40% finished needs a lot of work can lift of and turn, as well as fly forwards (steers like a ship)
  7. Mumon

    Archangel MkII

    Here it is, the completely revamped archangel. Lore: The original Archangels purpose was exploring new horizons. She was the first of the archangel class and pushed the technological limits of her age. Driven by Chaos-engines she was not only the fastest but also the largest airship ever...
  8. Mumon


    good lord in dev heaven, may you be blessed this is ridiculous, i expected a slight performance increase but with some builds which have around 3k parts i get a 1000%(you read that right) performance increase compared to the last versions
  9. Mumon

    enter the: Rasende Roland

    This was one of my first creations in besiege and will always be one of my favourites since i did not know much about the game then. Also one can clearly see how i went from this to the archangel. I built this to test the capabilities of the chaos engines, whose remains can still be seen on the...
  10. Mumon

    Jetengine with thrust vectoring

    same as before but with thrustvectoring default: upwards: downwards:
  11. Mumon

    Jetengine Concept

    It is basically an engine consisting of 4 thrusters, which makes it very powerful. I designed this for my next build and I will try to ad thrust vectoring. Design-wise i went for the more realistic approach. tell me what u think
  12. Mumon

    interesting idea

    I dont know if this has been suggested yet but what about acutal thrusters , which have to be connected to a fueltank block. and the greater the fuel tank , the longer the thrusters work. i think this would be nice since the rocketmod thrusters would be to op for the actual game. so basically a...
  13. Mumon


  14. Mumon


    i build a machine that in theory should go really fast, yet ,because of the gears not interlocking normally at high speeds, it barely moves at all which is disappointing. heres a pic as well as the bsg. and i hope this will be fixed soon Attached Files brutus.bsg
  15. Mumon

    Large wood/metal beam

    I am thinking about a non-flexing wood or metal beam with the length of maybe 20 and the width and height of 2 wooden blocks. this would help realize larger siege engines such as ships or bigger tanks since the cpu and unity engine wouldnt have to calculate the 10x2 double wooden blocks plus...
  16. Mumon

    sneak peak

  17. Mumon

    Battlecruiser crashtest

    So i basically took the barebone bc, closed the hatches and took it to great altitude( it climbed itself without me positioning it there)...then dropped it. somewhere inbetween i opened the hatches again since i thought they help cushion the fall. they did. the lowest engine deck took most of...
  18. Mumon

    BC update

    Ok so i mounted the helm to my cruiser... then my game crashed when i tried to save it. i took some screenshots before though...