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  1. ITR

    NoBounds [Besiege Multiverse]

    This mod is now on the besiege workshop, available here: Source Code:
  2. ITR

    Temporary Mods for 0.6

    Since Spaar's modloader isn't updated yet, and it will take some time before mods get updated, here are some mods you can use in the meantime that uses Unity Plugin Manager. To install them, first download upm.Zip from this page: Note...
  3. ITR

    AntiFire Mod

    Put in mods folder for no catching stuff on fire. Disable mod and reload machine to make stuff catch on fire
  4. ITR

    Go Away Annoying Stuff [0.45a]

    Update: Now allows you to set the state you want the object to have through the config, and stores the default values in there Disables all GameObjects with one of these names: "ICE FREEZE", "BOUNDS", "TUTORIAL", "TUTORIAL DIALOGUE 2 (1)", "WORLD BOUNDARIES_LARGE (1)", "WORLD BOUNDARIES...
  5. ITR

    NoteMod 2

    A lot of thanks to AvarethTaika for providing sounds, StuChris for providing models+textures for the Logic Block and the NoteBlock, and Eriyo2000 for additional input on models! NB: Needs more stuff! Post below or message me on Discord if you wanna help! This mod allows you to create...
  6. ITR

    Blocks and Weights

    List over all blocks and their default weight: v0.45: -- v0.42b: - v0.42: -- v0.4: --- v0.3: ---
  7. ITR

    Simple Collider Displayer Mod [0.42+]

    Update: Made it display colliders longer + you can now press ctrl+C on some specific gameobject to show it's collider Update: Made sure it didn't leave stuff for long after deleting blocks. Fixed not applying options to new blocks placed. Update: Fixed colliders sometimes not displaying when...
  8. ITR

    Variable Weight Block [ID:228]

    Adds a block that can vary in weight, making some fancy sorts of automation possible: To install, extract the zip into your "Mods" folder, and merge folders if needed
  9. ITR

    AutoSave Mod [0.3+]

    Automatically saves the machine for you as "ZZZ"+machineName, so you don't lose progress if you forget to save. You can choose to either have it save each time you have changed something and press simulate, each time you have made n changes, or when n seconds have passed since your last change...
  10. ITR

    InfoBox Closer Mod [Besiege 3.0+]

    Closes the info-boxes in the sandbox for you (might work on other boxes too) It waits one second before closing the boxes, to make sure that the boxes have time to load, but you can set this shorter with the "delay" command, f.eks. "delay 0.1" To install, download the dll below into your...
  11. ITR

    Monthly Challenge June/July!

    This months monthly challenge is: Use the timing function of the fireworks along with other mechanisms to create an autonomous machine that can complete any zone of your choosing with no user input beyond a single, initial key press (to start the rockets/activate mechanisms like pistons). The...
  12. ITR

    SensorMod [Spaar`s Automatron 1.1.1+] [Besiege 0.32+]

    Ever felt like pushing buttons to start the automatron was too much work? Want to laze about while your machine works by itself? Then this mod is just for you! It adds three new modes on the automatron block: Sphere Collider, Box Collider, and Loop! The settings are pretty much...
  13. ITR

    Monthly Challenge May!

    This months monthly challenge is: Get a block as high as possible, 500 block limit, no aerodynamic propellers. Also, 1 year (and one month? (and one week?)) since monthly challenges started, completely missed that ^^ EDIT: Since it's been a while since the challenge was suggested, I'm gonna...
  14. ITR

    Flamethrower Thrusters [Rocketmod/Rocket Thrusters] Flame-Color changer mod [0.32+]

    Saw this be requested lately, so I decided to remake Cysto's mod in the latest version. I added some flame-color changing capabilities, though you can only get red, green and black color when recoloring flame, unless you use "Switch Material" or "Switch Texture" (though then the flames become...
  15. ITR

    Monthly Challenge April!

    This months monthly challenge is: Clear level 20 with 150 blocks or less, must use at least 6 cannons, 6 hinges, and no explosions Remember that it's not just about clearing the challenge, but also doing it in an interesting way that makes people vote for you :3 Good luck!
  16. ITR

    I bet you can`t even navigate the minefield...

    Since people found my wood too hard to break, I present you with a new challenge: Manage to get to the goal of level 3 with either of the two small cars, without either of them breaking (or exploding): The inner wheels are controlled with the up and down arrow-keys, the outer with left and...
  17. ITR

    Monthly Challenge March!

    This months monthly challenge is: Destroy harp with less or equal to 10 blocks! Remember, machines made before the challenge can also be entered, but it might be more fun to try and create something completely new!
  18. ITR

    Change Decoupler Force [Besiege 0.25]

    Adds a saveable slider for the force and angular force of the decoupler. To install, just install spaar's modloader, then put this dll into the "Mods" folder.
  19. ITR

    Monthly Challenge January!

    This months monthly challenge is: Create a fully automatic AK without button pressing What the original suggester meant by this is open to interpretation, but remember, do what you think the community will vote for (unless you're just doing it for fun)
  20. ITR

    Monthly Challenge December!

    This months monthly challenge is: Utilize the soldiers in a map to create something We already have some great machines doing this, so hopefully some awesome inventions will be made!