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  1. wang_w571

    Maybe make variables usable for level editor's many things

    Like, make variables usable for transform and repeat times ;) just an idea, checking if the box is contain string or not
  2. wang_w571

    Improved Laser Emitter Mod[ID:577][0.42B]

    Improved from @Pixali 's code(His Github) Code Page Provides Abilities Below: Ignition(Seems not working on knights, not sure) Freeze(Only things that can freeze will freeze) Add Force Explosion(With some sort of charging effect) Provides settings below: Focus(Multiply this with the width...
  3. wang_w571

    Warhead Block Mod[Inherited from Missile Mod][0.35]

    Because we have already got Tracking Computer Block , it's pointless to keep the missiles' navigation abilities, so I simply just erased their navigational code and make them useful warheads, which opened the door of creativity. You MUST TURN OFF SAFETY in order to detonate it by key or by...
  4. wang_w571

    Super Simple Click On Explosion Mod[and Tutorial][0.32]

    Meow this is more like a tutorial(in chinese) rather just a mod I will upgrade this mod in the future but the code's comment will not be update :S Hold Ctrl and click to deploy single bombs Hold Shift and Hold Mouse to continuous deploy bombs Code is here
  5. wang_w571

    Exploding Cannonball And Arrow Aftereffect Mod[V0.45a][V0.4.0]

    CAUTION: Arrow after effects only works for maximum 62 arrows. Trail Example: Created by T-Cat (Why do you have to make your name so long :( Maintained by @MaxTCC )( And I totally rewrote this mod XD) Thanks @Lench for improvements and optimizations! -0.4.0 After effect for Arrows! Yikes...
  6. wang_w571

    Cloak Field Generator Block [ID:528529][Besiege 0.32]

    Simply, this mod is for visual effect that can cloak your creation like this: Also, Shade 's new video has showed its effect. This block's cloak function is mainly for visual effects, however Prototype Cloaking Device can disable Tracking Computer's locking on cloaked blocks. Enjoy it!
  7. wang_w571

    Textured Terrain Mod [Spaar`s Mod Loader] [←Better use a Dev version]

    It's here Version 8.05 I don't want to translate it I'm lazy Read the instruction by yourself Thank you Original link: Attached Files
  8. wang_w571

    Textured Terrain Mod [Spaar`s Mod Loader] [←Better use a Dev version]

    It's here Version 8.05 I don't want to translate it I'm lazy Read the instruction by yourself Thank you Original link: Attached Files
  9. wang_w571

    Besiege TIeba Collection IV : Fixed - Wing Aircraft [Video] This video is mainly in Chinese, Sorry about that :) Mig-9, Ho-229, su-27, F15 and J-20 are in the attached rar Su-47 Not Public B-2: Others are mostly in
  10. wang_w571

    Tracking Computer Block [ID:525/526][Besiege 0.4]

    If you need older version, check Update 0.4: -Added Locking Progress. -Locking Image can be edited. It's under Blocks/Resources. -Added Movie Mode. You can use the setting or the console to enable or disable it...
  11. wang_w571

    Texturing Mod[0.27][Spaar`s Mod Loader 1.3.3]

    Yes, a mod for visual! Set the texture, press F10, and there it is! Also, because of the way it works, sometimes you will have something like this: (and sometimes the texture might not exist because you textured it before simulation) Yes! A melon Rocket! How to use: 1.Put your...
  12. wang_w571

    Besiege贴吧汉化Mod / Translation Mod [Spaar`s Mod Loader]

    本汉化Mod由 @TesseractCat 制作,贴吧吧务组协助翻译&后续开发的汉化Mod,为英文苦手将Besiege翻译至中文。吧务组考察了诸 多翻译文本,在不影响游戏内容真实含义的情况下对原版进行了略微发散,以便加深用户对游戏的理解,同时大幅 提升游戏体验。 制作人员对每一句翻译进行了反复推敲,尽量确保其没有歧义或者偏离原意的情况发生。 This translation Mod is mainly made by @TesseractCat and developed by Besiege Tieba Manager Group. We have observed and...
  13. wang_w571

    Analyzation Mod[Spaar`s Mod Loader][0.32]

    Updated to 0.32 Basic this is a mod that can make trails for blocks like pictures below But it can also record and replay your machines' motions And somehow analyze your creation (B2 from Instructions are in the zip...
  14. wang_w571

    Blocks` Scale Mod 0.5 [Spaar`s Mod Loader] [Besiege v0.23]

    Dreaming about give out your great machines that have been scaled by TesseractCat 's Editor + Mod? (Or Object explorer) Now you have the chance to load and save your scales! The steps you use it to save scale data: 1.Load a machine 2.Scale the blocks 3. type those commands in the console like ...
  15. wang_w571

    【Building Challenge!】Longest Rail Road Model Railroad

    Hey guys let's have some fun from childhood! This Challenge requires you to build a long, long railroad with a train that is under 1000 blocks! If you have got that, upload your image (Gif will be great!) and your .bsg here XD Allows you to use any original blocks! Include Pins! (means no...
  16. wang_w571

    BSG Editor(Enchantment Table)[Independent Tool][.Net Framework 4.0]

    The Tool that can help you edit your bsg files, fix them if they have been doubled, and import one to another~ Written by VB .Net, First Build By Xpulai, Develop by me Need .Net Framework 4 to run Allows you to : Manage your BSGs Import and Combine BSGs Delete and add blocks without...
  17. wang_w571

    Small Bird

    Made b​y 加班王子 Original Link : The way it works: I have some more Gif but they are not valid :/ Control: x to flap wings FH for rolling TG for pitching If you want to improve or use this machine, please mention the Author: 加班王子, Thank you...
  18. wang_w571

    Pilot Panel Block Mod (with HUD)[Spaar`s ModLoader][ID: 505][V0.42B]

    Mainly made by bo我是天才od Improved from ITR 's meter mod This block allows you to : Have an Aim Assist on bombing ground ( It will be a red light and only shows on the ground so you can only have a high precision on bombing ground target, but not those statues. ) Have an Advanced Aim Assist on...
  19. wang_w571

    Sky Mod 1.01 [Spaar`s Modloader][V0.45]

    New! Now press F5 or F6 can help yourself create a sky sphere! Note that in the new sandbox you have to clean the fog to see the sky sphere. Just a reminder, ApplyFloorTexture need a number behind, like "ApplyFloorTexture 1" Now you can use "ApplyFloorTexture2 1" to make floor textures for...