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    Besiege essentials: Downwash air physics

    ITR See Ground Effect.
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    BSG Editor(Enchantment Table)[Independent Tool][.Net Framework 4.0]

    Ok it seems to work now. I did still have to unblock the process in windows task manager and relog before it would work but it seems OK now. Could this be because it is an .exe without an installer?
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    Slack Team For Builders isn't just as to whether you are a builder of whatever quality. It's just we don't like mouthy 11 year olds. if you were 12 or 13 maybe but .....nah.
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    BSG Editor(Enchantment Table)[Independent Tool][.Net Framework 4.0]

    This doesn't seem to work for me. I have the .NET 4.0 but when i double click it nothing happens except the "working" icon next to my mouse cursor. The editor appears in the processes tab of my task manager but nothing opens and I can not manually shut down the process either. I am using win7 64...
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    FrostThrower mod [TGYD`s BlockLoader] [D3_16]

    but...but...the other mods dont make me not able to use certain machines i have built already :(
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    [tutorial] Quad/Drone For Dummies

    Nice guide. Good info ...This deserves to be bumped over my stupid spoof wokker guide.
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    Anew kine of a wokker. [Twotoereal]

    Why is this still on the top of this subforum? Somebody make a legit guide to something ffs. Screw it. I'm bumping Neutex' guide.
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    Slack Team For Builders

    Displayter builds ...up a reputation for annoying people.
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    Slack Team For Builders

    Sounds stupid but I can't stand being left out....
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    Has the Unity 5 upgrade been hard on you ? (modders)

    I wouldn't even know what "too long" is lol. Besides you got a bunch of em
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    Has the Unity 5 upgrade been hard on you ? (modders)

    Good info! Thanks for taking the time to answer. I think Unity 5 brings a lot more to the table for players even though it made some building techniques no longer viable. Plus, I have yet to have one of my machines glitch off into the horizon since the update. I do get frustrated with most of...
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    Editor+ Mod (Formerly Selection Mover Mod) [Spaar`s Modloader]

    I have never been able to get the pos1 and 2 to work
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    Has the Unity 5 upgrade been hard on you ? (modders)

    Before we begin this is a legit question and I am not complaining. I don't know anything about modding but was wondering what the modders think of the update so far. Is it difficult to adapt your previous mods and mod blocks to the new engine? I am sort of taking a break from Besiege for a while...
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    Scared to post your stuff.

    That is why I ALWAYS post my machines when I am drunk. Always.
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    Caterpillar_V6 Unity5

    Oh ya, forgot about this one....even though it is creepy I think it's my favorite out of all your machines
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    Steering Blocks for Torque Steering

    It ain't easy being freaky.
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    FrostThrower mod [TGYD`s BlockLoader] [D3_16]

    With the recent update 90% of the block mods do not work. Just wait for the modders to update them and it will work fine then.
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    MoreBlocksMod [Spaar`s ModLoader][TGYD BlockLoader][ID: 350-354]

    ....aaand now with the new update I realize how much i love/need these blocks lol.
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    Ya I don't build on a super-massive scale but nothing I can throw at it has been able to dip me below 60fps in the sandbox. I suppose that is a fair trade for the death of piston steering. I can't even start to estimate my performance gains but even 300 block machines used to dip me down to...