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  1. Sanpyr

    Improved Sensor and Wire Block

    After talking about it in the discord, I came up with a more fleshed out concept: The Wire Tool would essentially create 'wires' (these would *NOT* be physical, and would be hidden during sim and when the tool is not active), which would connect between input and output nodes on blocks...
  2. Sanpyr

    Skin Pack 'Variant' option/'Folder' for skins

    For Skinpacks, the option to add multiple textures to a skinpack, from which the user could select which variant they want, as well as the ability to make a folder for skinpacks would be very helpful for people who have a lot of skinpacks. For the first feature, imagine a skinpack like...
  3. Sanpyr

    Improved Sensor and Wire Block

    yeah, my main reasoning for having one is that if you used an actual block, it would be harder to work with and would increase the block count
  4. Sanpyr

    Improved Sensor and Wire Block

    I wouldn't mind a simple wiring system, but instead of it being a block, i feel like it would be better as a tool, that when active would show wires, similar to how starbound and terraria do it. I was considering the idea of building an ALU with logic blocks, but as of right now i don't believe...
  5. Sanpyr

    Level editor QOL (quality of life) Suggestions.

    As much as i'd love to put ALL the things i believe could be improved, i'll stick to a specific topic: the level editor. Unfortunately, it would seem that it's been somewhat neglected, which is understandable considering the figurative plate of the developers has been somewhat full, but a few...
  6. Sanpyr

    Improving Logic Blocks (Version 1.0)

    In general, blocks like logic gates, sensors, etc should have the ability to output a key either to ALL blocks, or locally to specific blocks, kinda like how events work in the level editor.
  7. Sanpyr

    when scaled, the wooden support in the level editor acts... strangely.

    forgot to mention, but this applies to the wooden wall prop (the plank, however, does not have this bug)
  8. Sanpyr

    some level editor suggestions

    Yeah, I was thinking that could be apart of skin packs (possibly with machine sounds too) :P
  9. Sanpyr

    some level editor suggestions

    while making levels, I've hit some barriers in what I can do, so I'm making some suggestions for stuff that would help. 1. Transformations should have a 'relative to' setting. When making a robot arm, i shouldn't have to use rotation matrices. 2. Transformations, Ammo Refills, Progress...
  10. Sanpyr

    TGYD`s Building Tools [spaar`s Mod Loader] [for v0.45]

    maybe you could make it a supplement to the advanced building, with the stuff like hiding , importing machines, etc
  11. Sanpyr

    bracecube deformation doesn't work with advanced building?

    sorry if it's in the wrong place, I don't really know where this SHOULD go... essentially, with the mirror tool in advanced building, you can't deform braces, though you can MAKE them, and machines with them load fine. that's about it, although I did discover that turning on y-symmetry and...
  12. Sanpyr

    Ideas on ignition system? (vanilla)

    that's actually super cool. Btw, two things: 1. you can set a water cannon's power to 4 in vannila by copying it from a shrapnel cannon, if you didn't know, and 2. are you using advanced building? :P
  13. Sanpyr

    Multiverse Objects

    I want these, maybe minecart & tracks, wagons and gold ore? i want to make a city, and having moving minecarts is pretty hard to impossible.
  14. Sanpyr

    when scaled, the wooden support in the level editor acts... strangely.

    OS: win 10 Version: 0.67-8211 this bug is fairly simple to recreate, simply scale up a wooden support (it won't happen it it's scaled up the same in every axis) and move it off the ground so it can move, then rotate it using logic transforms or the drag power.
  15. Sanpyr

    Ideas on ignition system? (vanilla)

    spinning blocks with the steam only being let out some of the time works for me (the machine i've attatched is certainly not 5 cylinder, but it has the spinning block 'mechanism'. honestly, something like what you're making is beyond me so any help i can give is limited
  16. Sanpyr

    Level Editor/Logic System Wishlist

    i like, another idea i've had about transformations is that you should be able to use a variable for them, and vice versa, using a coordinate for a variable
  17. Sanpyr

    Easy Scale Mod [Besiege v0.45 - v0.60+]

    with 0.60+, scaling doesn't save on machines. using windows 10, and v0.67-8211. EDIT: workshop and downloaded machines work fine, but anything i save myself doesn't save scaling
  18. Sanpyr

    Does this block look familiar to you? Unknown Block (64)

    Yep, I did some extensive 'research' (more messing around, honestly) they used to be completely unobtainable except for some glitches with mods (some chinese builders manged to make a engine using them, though I couldn't find out how) They don't do anything but they WERE meant to be activated...
  19. Sanpyr

    spaar's Mod Loader (1.7.1) [Besiege v0.45a]

    oh, I was thinking that the installer working meant that it was updated for 0.60, nevermind then
  20. Sanpyr

    spaar's Mod Loader (1.7.1) [Besiege v0.45a]

    not working for me (using the UPM mods, they work fine, but the modloader isn't ) using v 0.62-7379, developer mode installed manually