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  1. Sanpyr

    Skin Pack 'Variant' option/'Folder' for skins

    For Skinpacks, the option to add multiple textures to a skinpack, from which the user could select which variant they want, as well as the ability to make a folder for skinpacks would be very helpful for people who have a lot of skinpacks. For the first feature, imagine a skinpack like...
  2. Sanpyr

    Level editor QOL (quality of life) Suggestions.

    As much as i'd love to put ALL the things i believe could be improved, i'll stick to a specific topic: the level editor. Unfortunately, it would seem that it's been somewhat neglected, which is understandable considering the figurative plate of the developers has been somewhat full, but a few...
  3. Sanpyr

    some level editor suggestions

    while making levels, I've hit some barriers in what I can do, so I'm making some suggestions for stuff that would help. 1. Transformations should have a 'relative to' setting. When making a robot arm, i shouldn't have to use rotation matrices. 2. Transformations, Ammo Refills, Progress...
  4. Sanpyr

    bracecube deformation doesn't work with advanced building?

    sorry if it's in the wrong place, I don't really know where this SHOULD go... essentially, with the mirror tool in advanced building, you can't deform braces, though you can MAKE them, and machines with them load fine. that's about it, although I did discover that turning on y-symmetry and...
  5. Sanpyr

    when scaled, the wooden support in the level editor acts... strangely.

    OS: win 10 Version: 0.67-8211 this bug is fairly simple to recreate, simply scale up a wooden support (it won't happen it it's scaled up the same in every axis) and move it off the ground so it can move, then rotate it using logic transforms or the drag power.
  6. Sanpyr

    [Experimental build] Duplicating a object that is scaled resets the scale.

    you can probably guess what the problem is from the title, but let me show you what I did with screenshots: alright, so I scaled a wooden block to 0.50 in the z-axis, now, if I select it in the advanced build tools and duplicate it: I get a wooden block with a scale of 1 in the z-axis. this...
  7. Sanpyr

    Accidental Logic gates (completely automatic, no user input required)

    so I was testing earlier (still no mods, rip), and I happened to make some logic gates, completely by accident. so far, I have made 2, an AND gate, and a NOT gate: to activate the inputs, simply push in the suspensions (no pistons, it requires no user input whatsoever).
  8. Sanpyr

    Brick Pillar = Best Wall?

    before we start, I want to say this is about the Tolbrynd brick pillar. now if you don't know already, the tolbrynd brick wall is pretty flimsy (I will be using default strengths for everything for consistency's sake), here's a 1-thick tolbrynd wall after a 1-power cannon shot: now an...
  9. Sanpyr

    Arithmetic for variables in the Logic Editor

    okay, so the logic editor is great and all, but here's an idea: in the logic menu, the var event should have add/subtract/divide/multiply options for the variable value. with this, it would be a lot easier to do things like logic gates and more advanced things in the level editor. that's...
  10. Sanpyr

    cool things, some with .bsg editing in the new update!

    okay, so the multiverse update is out, and that means a lot more now exploitable things! (no mods yet, top 10 anime deaths, you have to use .bsg editing as of now). 1. some spinning-type blocks now have a acceleration feature (spinning block, powered wheels, powered gear, sawblades)...
  11. Sanpyr

    Two new stabilization types: RSS and SBID

    (you will either need TGYD's Building Tools and Easy scale, or .bsg editing, but I am using the former in this guide) okay, so after messing around, I invented two new types of stabilization: RSS and SBID. RSS stands for Rope Stabilization System, and SBID stands for Spring-Based Inertial...
  12. Sanpyr

    Saving changes on object explorer onto a machine?

    is there a way to do it? what I mean is, for example, I want to change a steering block to have limits. so, I go into object explorer, and I change the necessary options so that it has limits: and it works, but when I save and load the machine, it stops having limits. so, is there a way to...
  13. Sanpyr

    downloading workshop machines without steam?

    ok, so for a while I've been trying to figure out how some of Neon Diflouride's Machines work, because i'd like to figure out how the glitches that they use work, specifically the Death Caster: (, the Explosive Flying Cake...
  14. Sanpyr

    how to (properly) use sawblades as wheels!

    ok, so, to do this, you will probably need TGYD's Building Tools (link: and the Simple Collider Displayer Mod, (link...
  15. Sanpyr


    ok, so here is the idea: if a NPC goes above the freeze limit, or some other freezing effect for more than a few seconds (valfross knights would be more resistant, lasting a few more seconds), they should freeze, with their texture changing to have frost on it. pretty simple, but it would be a...
  16. Sanpyr

    post your ghost-killing strategies!

    so, if you don't know, there are ghosts in the sandbox, which have much more health than a normal soldier, and do a ton of knockback and damage, meaning they are pretty hard to kill, so how about people post their mechanisms and machines that can deal with them? I suppose I should put some...
  17. Sanpyr

    Wing blocks: the strongest aerodynamic block

    so, I recently discovered the wing block (not the panel), is 1. fireproof, iceproof, soldier-proof (arrows, pikes/halberds, swords, axes) and bomb-proof. the only problem with wings is that they o̶n̶l̶y̶ d̶r̶a̶g̶ o̶n̶e̶ w̶a̶y̶, afaik
  18. Sanpyr

    I tried to remodel the ribbon on the Explosive Rocket's model, and..

    okay, so some backstory: I was trying to make a 'colorable block, (the ribbon on the rocket is colorable, I was thinking if I expanded it to become a cube, I could make some cool stuff, i.e color blocks, since PBP2 coloring is broken for now), so I change the ribbon model, and... this happened...
  19. Sanpyr

    'Start Contracted' and 'Automatic' option for Contractible Springs

    okay, this suggestion is pretty simple, but it would help builders ( like me ) a LOT, so here is the suggestion: similarly to how the winch has a 'Start Unwound' option, there should be a 'Start Contracted' option for springs. When 'Start Contracted' is enabled, the spring will start enabled...
  20. Sanpyr

    The Magnet Block

    Is the Magnet Block going to be added into the game, or is it planned to be? The Magnet was incredibly hard to find, even when I edited the .bsg or used PBP2 it wouldn't even show up when placed, I was only able to take this screenshot because of a glitch with the block-spawner mod.