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    Flipping Cogs

    Very yes, we need this. I'm not sure it's that "simple", though. Gears right now are completely symmetric, so "flipping" does nothing. They could fix this with nine or ten teeth gears, maybe.
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    Basically, a swivel joint which can turn smoothly, lock solid, or anything inbetween. I've found good substitutes for most other basic mechanical parts but the "simplest" replacement I've found for this part is variable-angle wings for variable drag.
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    Multirotor Stability

    Also... confirmed with a quick experiment that Beseige does indeed have gyroscopic forces - at least as far as multiple objects are concerned. A spinning block has no gyroscopic effect; a set of blades attached to one definitely does.
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    Multirotor Stability

    We've all made quadcopters, right? You fight through all the balancing and reversing to get a neutral machine and discover that "neutral" is not the same thing as "stable". It's a constant fight to keep it centered, and you go back to winged designs or balloons. Now, take this thing with...
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    Airplanes won't fly straight! What am I doing wrong!?

    Those propellors turn the same direction, right? That will produce a nonstop twist on the aircraft. If they turn opposite directions, that twist is balanced out.