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    Delete button and previous build steam

    Hello, why the delete button disappears in advanced building mode ?? It's very annoying to do with the delete button... And why in steam the "beta" -previousbuild, installs version 0.45a instead of V0.67.0-8211 ???
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    Remote connexion

    Hello, I have a problem with Besiege : I use a low spec. laptop for remote besiege with a good pc in local ethernet all is ok but I don't have the right clic from mouse :/ Any help ??
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    Simple 2 speed gearbox

    Hello, I do a simple 2 speed gearbox, I do this by taking inspiration from car gearbox. Tell me if is good or no, I do this quickly ^^ workshop link :
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    Automatic copy option

    Hello modders, Does a mod exist to automatically copy the settings of a block ? Because when you use a lot a block it's take a long time to copy/paste option block by bock ^^ Thank you
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    Small torch Without flame

    Hello modders, first sorry for my bad english :) It's possible to make a mod for enable/disable flame on small torch because I found the flame is taking all the screen when i play and my pc is not very powerfull so the framerate go down ^^ If it possible thank you !!