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  1. stellHex

    please make a censor exceptions for cockpit

    as hilarious as "****pit" is, I think it's time for it to be fixed, if you can
  2. stellHex

    Railway vertical loop

    Heavily inspired by FrizB's work and comments thereupon, I bring a mildly disappointing implementation of the fundamental unit of the standard rollercoaster! The whole track Wheeee! It uses a grabber to hold the train car onto an axis, which held in place by 5000-weight ballasts (be...
  3. stellHex

    tutorial automessage to new users

    We need to do something about the number of new users who don't know what's common knowledge on the forums already; people obvious aren't reading the sticky topics. It's a waste of there time and the vets time to keep teaching them the same thing over and over. Lots of forums automatically send...
  4. stellHex

    Several small ideas

    Which should definitely be implemented: Create buttons for turning off ambient sound and turning off SFX Settings for the sound buttons should be saved If a machine has no image, an image for it should be generated when the machine is loaded As of right now, the "reset camera" button can be a...
  5. stellHex

    Fix Braces

    I've noticed for a while now that braces have been screwed up, but I haven't been able to figure out exactly in what way, and i knew people would just say "you shouldn't use invincible then!" or whatever. Warning: the following contains explanatory graphics created in mspaint. If you are a...
  6. stellHex

    Gearflip Mod [Spaar`s Modloader]

    Several times, people have complained that you can't mesh gears together when the gears are facing in opposite directions. Well, now you can! This mod uses the Flip function already implemented in the game. Press F over unpowered gears to "flip" them (actually rotating them by a the same...
  7. stellHex

    Fully Functional Clock

    Well. Technically it's fully functional. The second hand spins at an average of exactly 1/12th the rate of the minute hand, which spins at an average of exactly 1/60th the rate of the second hand. The fact that trying to read the time at any specific instant is wildly inaccurate is unimportant...
  8. stellHex

    Better Living Through Differentials: Arbitrary Gear Reductions Made Easy

    In the real world, when trying to easily synchronize gears of many different speeds, many different sizes and types of gears are used. However, in Besiege this would largely be impractical to implement. Fortunately, Besiege also has one advantage the real world does not: intangible braces. This...
  9. stellHex

    Totem Pole the Unicycle [Sandbox Only]

    Utilizing the new small wheels, the knights-have-fixed-vertical-orientation exploit, and a trick with current AI behavior, I give you what is possibly the smallest theoretically fully mobile+steerable vehicle in Besiege, at only 5 blocks and a knight! And even if it's not the smallest...
  10. stellHex

    Stable Biped Legs Using Knights

    This idea came up in this thread, and I immediately knew I had to do it. The result looks surprisingly natural! Well. The way it walks looks surprisingly natural, anyway. It works best with at least 3 "pilots", but 2 is fine. One is pushing it, though. There's also a version with a a...
  11. stellHex

    More Stable Friction Pads

    Right now, friction pads don't work very well because they are attached by a single central point and aren't otherwise flush against the block theyre attached to. They should be right up against the attached block, like armor is.
  12. stellHex

    Profile Posts in New Topics with Broken Links

    If you post on someone else's or your own profile, it shows up as a "new topic" in new topic selection. I actually don't particularly care whether that occurs or not, but when this happens the given link goes to a weird "blank" forum topic instead of the postee's profile. As of 30 seconds after...
  13. stellHex

    Levitating Flying Code [In-Game Scripting]

    This simple code will turn every block of any object into an antigravity propulsion generator, allow it to soar through the air with ease! This initial script doesn't have impact compensation, so you have to correct orientation with primitive airfoil-based devices. Future versions may fix this...
  14. stellHex

    Hoberman Circle (Hoberman Sphere Proof of Concept)

    Gonna let this bad boy speak for itself. Invincible mode required, H to toggle expanded or contracted states. The side towers lean in a little bit because the middle joints aren't positioned exactly right, so the thing can't expand as far as it should be able to. Oh, and since...
  15. stellHex

    Claw Machine

    I built a claw machine using block 45! Occasionally one of the ropes will snap when you start; if that happens, just restart the sim. Controls: Arrows: Move claw. Z/C: Claw Down/Up X: Close/Open Claw How to get winches in without Multimod: Get everything ready for the winches. For...
  16. stellHex

    Sword Uses Same Texture As Knight

    Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "living weapon", doesn't it? Attached Files
  17. stellHex

    Saw and Drill should destroy wood and tear apart machines.

    Right now, the saw and the drill don't do any more damage to machines than any other rapidly rotating objects. They should do damage-on-contact to wood like arrows do, and have more damaging effects on machines in general.
  18. stellHex

    24-Tooth Gear (3x Gear Reduction) [Multimod]

    It's obviously not a real 24-tooth gear, so it requires a special "harness" to mesh consistently to ordinary gears, to make sure the connection between them is maintained at all times, but it does a pretty good job of simulating an actual 24-tooth gear when it's properly hooked up. One could...
  19. stellHex

    Disable Bombs [In-Game Scripting]

    A problem has been noted by several people that there is no not-unreasonably heavy sphere in the game that does not explode. This In-Game Scripting script will disable all bombs in a machine, and as a bonus shows some things you can do that could be useful for future scripts. By no means does it...
  20. stellHex

    Boromir the Segway [In-Game Scripting]

    A working segway I made using Spaar's In-Game Scripting mod! Some credit also goes to =Ø= for asking a few important questions before I could. Controls are just the cursor keys; note that the forward/backward accelerate Borromir in that direction instead of quickly changing the his speed to...