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    Gaxx Tower Defense Level 2: Two Wave Assult

    "Enemies have made it into the valley and are attacking the tower. Do whatever it takes to save that tower!" How to play: 1. Download the creation (gaxxtd2.bsg) 2. Load gaxxtd2.bsg on the sandbox level. 3. Load your own creation in to defend the tower. 4. When you start the level, press T...
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    Gaxx Tower Defense Level 1: Sky Pirates

    "Sky Pirates have been spotted over the peasant village! Shoot them down before they destroy the tower or escape over the hills." Mini game Win condition: Destroy the pirate ship. It's considered destroyed when it stops shooting. Lose condition A: Center tower is destroyed Lose condition B...
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    Counter block + conditional triggers

    One of the biggest problems in Besiege is the fact that it requires so many buttons. If you build a machine that has several cannons/bombs/missiles that you want to fire in sequence, you need a separate button for each. This could be solved with 2 blocks. A) Counter Block: The counter block...