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  1. SourceOfDeath

    Simple, reliable, reloadable steam gun (bomb-thrower) of a minimalistic design.

    Almost sniper accuracy. Theoretically, almost unlimited range. Ammunition - 11 bombs. Simple control. High speed of movement and maneuverability make it easy to get out from under the enemy's strike, move in a cramped space. The reloading is fully automatic. After the shot, you need to wait 1-2...
  2. SourceOfDeath

    Reloadable maneuverable rubber bomb catapult.

    Reloadable catapult is designed to destroy all enemies and objects in standard Besiege levels. High speed and maneuverability allows you to escape from under fire before the first enemy shot. The long range of fire allows you to fire from a considerable distance, without fear of return fire. The...
  3. SourceOfDeath

    Yuri very Dolgoruky - monstrous manipulator with 3 degrees of freedom.

    It has the ability to manipulate heavy objects at a great distance from the chassis, as well as lifting weights to a great height. I thought that this mechanism would be quite weak and could only be used for artistic purposes. But suddenly it was strong enough and powerful enough to lift and...
  4. SourceOfDeath

    Avoiding of manual Brace deleting and re-connecting blocks again. (Automatization of Brace in Editor mode)

    Two blocks are often connected to each other by a Brace. When editing the mechanism, you need to move blocks that are already connected by Brace. After editing, one or both ends of the Brace may end up in a void, so the blocks will no longer be connected. To maintain the connection between the...
  5. SourceOfDeath

    Bolshevik - precise and powerful reloadable rubber gun

    Bolshevik - reloadable rubber gun, precise and powerful. 11 fireballs. Driving like car (up, down, left, right), aiming (Num 2, Num 4, Num 6, Num 8), aiming camera - Num 5, Enter - shoot, R - reload. Video with description of working principles and typical usage: Download by external link...
  6. SourceOfDeath

    War balloon

    I invent simple heavy war balloon. It can carry 16 bombs, no mods, no God tools, no bullshit. It looks not so cool: But it fly fast and can avoid archers. Driving is comfortable and simple - just cursor keys. Special camera to aiming. link to video Download and try...