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    So Are There Two Forums Now?

    They opened the previous one. Is this the official forum or is the old one?
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    I Need A Rotor (Freelance Opportunity)

    I need a durable, powerful main rotor that will lift a chopper packing a heavy arsenal. Does anyone have any .bsg s that are fit for the job you're willing to share? Please no balloons and no brace glitch. Preferably aesthetic. I will pay you 10,000 gold coins.
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    DUAL MISSILE Air to Ground Attack Helicopter!

    Thanks guys for your help on the forums for helping me create this. Its just a rough draft, i will later have to completely rework the design to fix some flaws. But I finally have something that could change the game. Attached Files
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    Air-to-Ground Missile from Helicopter

    I need help re-creating this missile. It works by being detached from a grabber, the pilot then holds the key mapped to the flying block in the back, guiding the missile towards the target. How did he get two grabbers to connect to one bomb? (3 in total) How did he get the wooden poles to...
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    Auto Stabilizing Helicopter Challenge (BE THE FIRST/CHANGE THE GAME)

    I'm proposing a challenge/competition to be the first person to create a helicopter that: hovers above the ground, at a constant rate. The helicopter must not rely on input (key mapping) to hover without downward or upward pull. If you figure this out before I do, please PM me the .bsg. This...
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    AI Dieing at Random

    They die if you keep the "main block" on the ground and they run into it. They also die from friendly fire making some levels rather easy.
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    Are there any plans to implement audio design for the machinery.
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    Auto Stabilizing Helicopter

    Does anyone know how to achieve this? A helicopter that stays in place while in the air.
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    Buzzard Chopper (EASY TO FLY)

    Features: 2 bombs, cannon, flamethrower Lift - E Down - R Left - Left Right - Right Forward - Up Cannon - C Bomb 1 - V Bomb 2 - B Flamethrower - Y Very easy to fly, intuitive, small, and packs a punch. Attached Files BUZZARD .bsg