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  1. Chip2222

    A few things about the new levels

    1) The sacred flame, like the wood blocks in ipsilon, can be moved even in editing mode. This will make it better for all you guys who like to finish the levels illegitimately (if changing the game files is too hard for you). 2) the sacred flame can also be turned back on again using a fire...
  2. Chip2222

    A new kind of destruction (and art)

    I was playing around with the ball and chain and I made a discovery that someone in the community found out months ago: Anyway, I decided to do something with it and I came up with this: I would love if you could check it out...
  3. Chip2222


    So....... When you scroll to the bottom of the forum home page Inside the "Whats Going On" section Click on the link that says "users online" or click here and when you hover over a username, there is a "Reputation" bar. Whats the deal with that?
  4. Chip2222

    A new vibrating glitch

    When you build this... vibrates uncontrollably does it do the same for you? can anyone figure out why it happens? Attached Files
  5. Chip2222

    A new way to launch fire balls! Goes EXTREMELY FAST

    The catapult is attached. Basically set up a machine that looks like so: 1. Bind the pin block key on the starting block to something other then p and set the winches to go at 2x speed. 2. Start the simulation at 200% speed and wind up the winches for about a minute. 3. Set the simulation...
  6. Chip2222

    Three Simple, Stable Helicopter Designs (I need your feedback)

    I have recently made three extremely similar helicopters stabilised using knights. They each use different methods to turn and they all have ups and downs. I would appreciate if you could download them and tell me which one is best. The first two bsg files are attached but the third is attached...
  7. Chip2222

    .bsg file editing help please

    I've recently started to try editing a .bsg file and it was going pretty well until I came across the rotations part. A bit of testing was easy to tell what all four numbers were for but when I started increasing the numbers, I realised that the rotation did something funny. Increasing the...
  8. Chip2222

    New Perpetual Motion?

    While playing around with the new blocks, I came up with this: Whats weird is that when I start it up backwards or forwards, when I let go, it just slows down and goes backwards at an extremely slow pace. Sometimes it stops or goes really fast but most of the time, I found that it...
  9. Chip2222

    My first plane that works! (and looks good too)

    Its success is probably due to the overpowered propellers but i'm not complaining. I understand that it stays in the air mostly because of the propellers and not by lift from the wings. Controls q/e: accelerate/decelerate left/right arrow keys: turn left/right (ailerons and rudder) up/down...
  10. Chip2222

    Besiege Soccer/Football

    Soccer is a medieval game right? try to get the starting block into the other persons goal. player 1 (machine with armoured plates): t- forwards g- backwards f - left h - right player 2 (machine with wood armour): arrow keys a goal is only scored if the starting block is touching the...
  11. Chip2222

    First attempt at walker (feedback please)

    I've attempted to make a walker and I think its turned out pretty well. Its based on a few walkers but most notably, the mammoth (sorry, I forgot who created it). I would greatly appreciate feedback. Thank you! controls: 1+2: alternate fast to go forwards left/right: turn l: shoot...
  12. Chip2222

    Help with helicopter please!

    I've made a (somewhat) realistic looking helicopter but it breaks a lot and is really hard to use. Its pretty obvious why it breaks but I have no idea how to fix it. Could someone please help? is the .bsg file coming up? breakeable heli.bsg Attached Files