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  1. zodium

    Precision Building Project [PBP v0.04/Besiege v0.04]

    I'll update it today if ITR doesn't do it while I'm not looking, been busy at work.
  2. zodium

    Forum stylesheets disappeared?

    We're back, baby!
  3. zodium

    Edit Function on Forums is Broken

    In my experience, Adblock/Ghostery sometimes (rarely) doesn't play nice with JS-reliant sites, especially Ghostery. I found that I often had to turn it off temporarily to use some features of some JS-using sites. Nowadays I use uMatrix (and uBlock), which doesn't really have the same problem...
  4. zodium

    Forum stylesheets disappeared?

    I'm getting this too. Actually, it's not that much worse than the normal layout. At least the black on white and normal-sized text is way easier on the eyes. :V
  5. zodium

    Edit Function on Forums is Broken

    Sounds like a JS problem. What browser and extensions are you running?
  6. zodium

    New Block Proposal megathread

    Large wheels removed from list, since they were implemented. I'm not totally sure what you mean by a "hydraulic" block. Can you elaborate? Ideally, the block's function and shape/look should be self-evident from googling the text.
  7. zodium

    Modding Discussion ‣ FAQ, QA and Discussion

    Well, thanks for the response, Von. I sympathize with the desire to keep up with WM activity, but I obviously disagree with going about it in this way. The fundamental problem here is that the community produces content at a faster rate than the forums can facilitate consuming it. Splitting a...
  8. zodium

    Modding Discussion ‣ FAQ, QA and Discussion

    It's just a web development rule of thumb I learned many years ago. It isn't really about whether you really lose 80 or 50 or 20%, but that each additional hierarchical level incurs a significant cost in the user experience, and by extension a cost in activity. It's natural for web developers to...
  9. zodium

    Modding Discussion ‣ FAQ, QA and Discussion

    In case a lot of mods actually did come, a subforum could be implemented in response to the concrete situation. In the actual situation, it is both unhelpful and actively harming the user experience. (As a rule of thumb, each nesting level costs you 80% of your users.)
  10. zodium

    The Vortex - Circular saws for wheels, accurate long range missiles, fireball cannon

    Looks cool, but why is it called "the Vortex"? It doesn't look very vortical. :v
  11. zodium

    Modding Discussion ‣ FAQ, QA and Discussion

    Given current activity, modding definitely doesn't need subforums, nor does any forum. It's a costly solution (from a user convenience POV) for a problem that doesn't exist and for all we know may not ever exist. I can't believe anyone is struggling to keep up with the current activity in the...
  12. zodium

    Modding Discussion ‣ FAQ, QA and Discussion

    Von, pretty please stop listening to powerusers suggesting to add more and more subforums. No one except powerusers ever check subforums. Also, please merge all subforums back into their main forums. :v There's basically no good reason to have public subforums at all until we're rocking at...
  13. zodium

    Not to sound like an Attention Whore but..

    It's a conspiracy. Literally everyone on the forum is in on it except for you.
  14. zodium

    So Are There Two Forums Now?

    You should've kept a "Down for maintenance" page ready. It's better to have users check one place and find it's down for a scheduled period (so they know when to check back) than make them periodically check two places for an unknown period of time. Now people are going to be confused about this...
  15. zodium

    Precision Building Project [PBP v0.04/Besiege v0.04]

    Is this thread completely broken for anyone else too? Firefox/Chrome both.
  16. zodium

    Unlimited Cannon?

    That's all ITR, but like Mtschroll said, it's just injecting a method OnGUI in AddPiece, which is from the Unity engine.
  17. zodium

    Get block hotkey, replay, and a free camera mode

    He means that MOUSE3 (clicking the scroll wheel by default) will center the camera on the clicked block, but I think you want more of a tool to click on a block and then select that block? Anyway, in addition to centering the camera on MOUSE3, using any of the WSAD keys will uncenter the camera...
  18. zodium

    Pan camera when mouse is in the border of the screen

    Would be a nice option in full-screen, but please don't add this to my windowed mode. :v
  19. zodium

    Ranks and Reputation

    I did this a bunch and it really doesn't have anything to do with post count, because like you say, variations on "great job" is basically what you'd expect 90% of the activity on a sharing platform to be. I don't really see the need for a reputation system in the first place, and if post counts...
  20. zodium

    Fix for Center of Mass Mod [Obsolete]

    I think you're underestimating my sarcasm. :v