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    Isn`t it about time this forum actually helped people find mods that work?

    Used this: And after some hard work came up with this list of working mods: BUILD Copy Paste Settings Mod Custom Rotation Amount Editor + Mirror Mod No Bounds Mod Precision Building Project 2 BLOCK Adjustable Water Cannons Better Grip Pads Better Torches Block Functions + Block-Spawner...
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    Strandbeest [Besiege v0.2]

    That's Tchaikovsky in his early years when he was doing Iron Maiden Covers. He was Dokaka back then.
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    Besieger 1.0: A mod installer by puffinlump

    aloha guys, I'm also developing a mod manager which is working quite well at the moment, so give me a PM if you are interested.
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    Strandbeest [Besiege v0.2]

    Inspired by Theo Jansen. He is Dutch... Download it.
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    4-cylinder inline engine

    it moves Attached Files shrapnel_engine.bsg
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    3D Printing the Cannon Beetle [Check it Out]

    Awesome stuff! I'd love to see some more advanced vehicles 3d printed. Are the wheels and hinges turning btw?
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    First-person Mod [spaar`s Modloader][TGYD`s Blockloader]

    "DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path "D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Besiege\Besiege_Data\ Mods\Blocks\Obj\D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Besiege\Besiege_Data\ Mods\Blocks\Obj\venhipKnight.obj". Obviously, the knight object is not loaded...
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    First-person Mod [spaar`s Modloader][TGYD`s Blockloader]

    It still doesn't work for me.
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    First-person Mod [spaar`s Modloader][TGYD`s Blockloader]

    I have the blocks on disposal, but when I spawn, I am at 0,0,0 coordinates, no knight textures, and I cannot move. Here's what I get from the console: - TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'System.Runtime.CompilerServices.IteratorStateMachineAttribute' from assembly 'venhipFirstPersonMod'...
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    3D Printing the Cannon Beetle [Check it Out]

    This has potential, dude. Show us the real thing when it's ready.
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    This is me, Bragging about my success.

    gj, I know how it feels. :D
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    Raptor Tank [Besiege 0.2, no mods]

    Aim gun with numpad arrows, shoot with [5]. Drive with t, g, f, h. If you flip over during turning, use turret and gun to flip back. Use unlimited ammo and have fun with the gun. Uses wishbone suspension. Block count: 193 Fit's in the bounding box. No mods...
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    Desert Buggy with awesome independent suspension.

    Can you please share an alternative download for the bsg? Steam is being weird with the subscribed items.
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    High rpm steam powered V8 with working valves

    Hey man, it's a really good engine! I've put a clutch and a fixed ×4 ratio reduction gearbox (reduces rpm but increases torque). When you start the engine, just make sure it's on max revs and then hold [h] to engage the clutch. Wait for some gear grinding to happen and then hopefully the...
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    High rpm steam powered V8 with working valves

    ah yes i feel like an idiot will now try to put wheels on it
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    High rpm steam powered V8 with working valves

    ah yes they are mapped correctly now. But holding [4] and/or [6] doesn't seem to do anything.
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    High rpm steam powered V8 with working valves

    The mapping is not correct i assume. I can't figure it out.
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    High rpm steam powered V8 with working valves

    I can't understand how to tune it. Can you show a video or something?
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    [Brainstorm][Teaser] Hardcore Mode?

    Limit the available blocks that can be used. I mean for some of the levels don't allow flamethrower, on others don't allow cannons, etc...