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  1. Wizard Marcos

    Going outside skybox by changing camera position

    So I was building something, and since that thing can separate, I set the timescale to 0% while I centered my view on another block (that was already far away). To my surprise, the sky looked much closer than in should. So, basically, it doesn't update the position of the skybox (actually it's...
  2. Wizard Marcos

    High Power arrows getting stuck midair

    So I was testing how I could harness the power of crossbows for propulsion. So I set the crossbows to fire arrows outside of vanilla limits (20x power) and high rate of fire (128x). The arrows started getting stuck midair, as you can see in the following screenshot: I reduced the rate of fire...
  3. Wizard Marcos

    There`s always an error when I try to upload a machine for the first time.

    So, when I try to upload a machine to the workshop, it always gives an error. Once I try again, it doesn't. Here's a screenshot of the error: When it actually uploads the machine, the "Uploading 1111223" part also appears. It also creates a blank file in the workshop, in addition to the...