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    Auto delete notification in message center after reading

    ^This. Is there a way? I dont want that notification to remain there when I click on the notification to read it.
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    Grabber and piston settings not saved/loaded in others machine

    Wwhen you try to use another people machine (forum or steam workshop), the setting of the grabber "grab static objects" and the piston "toggle mode" are never saved. Note that the piston speed and key, and the grabber key are correctly saved/loaded. I think that its related to the update that...
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    ballasts not attaching

    Im trying to create a machine only with ballasts. However I find a lot of times that ballasts dont attach to each other. Here an example: All of these ballasts are supposed to be attached...
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    How to not break blades?

    The blades seem very weak, they break almost instantly after killing one or two soldiers. Is there any trick to make them more strong?
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    Steering is almost useless for steering right now

    I think this is more a bug than a suggestion. You cant use steering with wheels because wheels will stuck in almost every block you use to attack the steering. Example: In this case I...
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    Save/load UI and folders

    Hi, Two suggestions: - Be able to see and create folders from the loading screen, so you can save/load machines from subfolders. This will help when you have a lot of machines. - Currently, at least in my screen, it shows two rows of machines. Could you squeeze another row and maybe another column?
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    Hard mode

    Hi, Hard mode would be the same campaign but with two limitations: you cant use the bomb and the number of blocks you can use its limited, yet to decide, maybe 100 or 50. Maybe it can seem to high but seeing that most of campaign minimalist challenges are thought around the bomb, taking it out...
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    How much weight those damn boulders?

    Im trying to do a heavy crane and my target were those damn boulders in the sandbox. From my first design I had to sacrifice one hinge and one row of pistons... This is the first time I lifted it but it broke afterwards:
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    Brace bracing too much

    Hi, I wanted to use a brace to reinforce the chasis, as you can see... Then noticed that the brace also connected the block separated from him, above. The pistons cant elevate the piece because of this. In this pic pistons are toggled on...
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    Steering not steering

    Hi, This machine is driving me crazy. I tried everything. Delete all the wheels and steerings and putting them again. Reload the game. Reconfigure steerings, copy paste, etc. The problem is that the steerings randomly work. There are 4 of them, all set the same. As you can see I put the machine...
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    Question about links

    Hi, Some times when I put two blocks together they dont get linked... And most of the time they get linked. My question is... How can I do to not link two blocks together which are placed one next the other?
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    Moar suggestions

    Hi, I didnt know if was ok to open a new thread or to post in my suggestion thread... Please tell me if it bothers you. - A button to center the core block as if destroyed the machine, just without destroying it. - An option to enable "stick to grid" when moving machines. - An option to show...
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    Change several block weights

    Taking the values from here: - Reduce the weight of the wooden panel from 0.35 to 0.25. - Wooden pole should weight less than a single wooden block. Suggestion: reduce it from 0,5 to 0,15 (a single block weights 0,3) - Unpowered cog/wheel...
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    Remember last block config

    Hi, When you configure a block, a wheel for example, and put next wheel, could you make the game remember the previous wheel options?
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    Construction rules?

    Hi, As a builder trying to build something I need the data of the materials Im using so I was wondering if there is somewhere the construction rules or properties of the programmed behavior of blocks... I made a weighting scale and a Charpy resilience test and found that: - One double block...
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    Fail bridge

    Hi, Tried to create bridge like in real life but it seems that it cant be done with the same principles in besiege... See here: The two superior braces linking the middle tower to the high right tower are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more...
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    Question about double cubes

    Hi, I was wondering what happens when you use a double cube and one of the parts gets inside of another cube. Does that part disappears and it counts as one cube? Or does it still exists as a cube inside of the cube? In affirmative case, Is there any effect in the resistance, since there are two...
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    Big rotative turret

    Hi, Im always concerned about the resistance of the machine Im building and also I want to build a big rotative turret, like a tank one. The problem is that there is only small rotative pieces which will break with all the weight and I cant come up with a besiege-made solution to disperse the...
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    Ability to select / move / load sections

    ^This. How many times did you build something and then decided that it should be in another part of the machine (maybe 1 block off, or 20, doest matter) and had to rebuild all?
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    Brace / ring sounds

    Hi, two suggestions: - Could you make that when you link correctly a brace it also sounds as when you start it? This way we will know if we missclicked and didnt link it. (also add it for springs and similar) - Could you remove the background bell sound? Considering it and also a similar bell...