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    did the deveopers fxed the bug that allows you to steer this way? and, can someone send me a photo of a plane flap sistem? thanks
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    Easter Eggs

    Well! since it seems that I can't find this anywhere, I'll do it by myself. Here you (yes, you) can post any easter egg that you find in the game. I'd start with two things: 1) the giant bones in level 20 2) when you destroy vases, they give you a kind of crystal have fun posting what you find
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    Original File

    can somebody send me the original files that get replaced by instaling the modloader please? today I installed it and used the custom otation mod, and I got a fps drop on machines 2ith aroun 100 pieces
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    hello there! I don't know why, my besiege was working perfectly. I opened it now, clicked on the sandbox, and it crashed. same thing when clicking on levels Attached Files output_log.txt
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    Deleting Issue

    when I load or save a machine, by clicking the trash button it allows me to delete it. but where are those deleted files?I need to retrieve a file, or restore one that has been overwritten, but I'd like to not download programs. could anybody help please?
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    x HO STATO IO CON LU TRATTORE don't mind that, just a quote :P anyway, this is more visual than anything, feel free to drive it using arrow keys. fork should be r/f and t/g enjoy this... random thing p.s.: I hope that there are some other Italians there :P Attached Files trattore.bsg
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    hey, I can't find anything related so I'll just make a new topic. is it hard to add a function, or create a mod, to modify a decoupler's detaching power?
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    F-15 [ROCKET MOD]

    Is it a bird? is it a plane? no, it's a... well, actually a plane :P welcome to my hangar! this is the second (serious) vehicle that I want to share with you! it comes with retractile landing gears that allow you to land even if armed with his three bombs! works without invincibility, but you...
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    Hey! I just had an idea. what about creating a kind of arena that requires an online connection and where you can go against other players? no mods, pyro or invincibility admit
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    Wheels bug

    I was testing a walker with the new system, the one that uses braces, big wheels and unpowered medium wheels, and even if I restart big wheels were going automatically. it happened a couple of other times, even with the other powered wheel
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    4 Legged spider walker

    I need some help from this awesome community. Well, I want to make a sort of four legged spider with a design as the one n the file. how can I make it walk? Attached Files Spider.bsg