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  1. ManaSeed

    Paradox Engine Airship

    Thanks a bunch <(_ _)> I think I have better understanding now. I used to think both tests are similar as they both spins thus I failed to see the difference in their nature.
  2. ManaSeed

    Paradox Engine Airship

    How did you find out about that? If it’s not troublesome, can you show this in a simple framework/structure? I added 150(15x5x2.0) extra mass and both vehicles still have same speed. Even if it’s simplified physic, it's hard to believe 150 extra mass doesn’t slow down the car a tiny bit...
  3. ManaSeed

    Paradox Engine Airship

    Wait a minute, you've said what I wanted to say. But it doesn't solve the discrepancy/question between the first test and second test. EDIT (´∀`) this is probably right. Now this leads a question... Why not use ONLY paradox engine or stacking wheels? Which one is better? What is the...
  4. ManaSeed

    Paradox Engine Airship

    (1) Let’s talk about motor wheels. Build a small cube and a large cube, attach 4 motor wheels to them respectively (like a vehicle). Since they have different weight/mass, they should have different speed right? The answer is No. They have exactly same speed. Motor wheels (and some other...
  5. ManaSeed

    Your Top 5 favorite Games that are not Besiege

    Meaningless Blabbler Second question, “What are you playing besides this game?”. Please allow me to modify it to “What are some awesome PC games you’ve been playing recently?” 1. Valkyria Chronicles (absolutely fantastic, can you believe it? From story to system… ) 2. Dynasty...
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    Paradox Engine Airship

    you can increase engine power/speed like this
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    Pendulum (without pit)

    Thanks. I have been wondering what does “Paradox” engine mean (´∇ノ`*)ノ Well, I know perpetual motion is science defying. But if an outcome is shown (in our case the motion proven to be perpetual), you can't say that paradox exists, right?
  8. ManaSeed

    Pendulum (without pit)

    I'm interested to know how it works. Can you explain more? Here's a one way scythe. Not a pendulum but it's modified from the pendulum so I leave it here. The mechanism comes from here, 5th post, by Vandom. P.S. How do...
  9. ManaSeed

    Auto Stabilizing Helicopter Challenge (BE THE FIRST/CHANGE THE GAME)

    I don't quite understand the specification. Does that mean I'm not supposed to touch the keyboard after the simulation/game started?
  10. ManaSeed

    Steam Train [Indigo`s Workshop]

    Can you elaborate about the real engine part? I don't quite understand but I'm interested. I hope it's not too much trouble for you. Without using the wheels? Do you mean "Motor Wheels"? I've looked at the mapping but I can't get it to move. Can you explain about the controls? This might be...
  11. ManaSeed

    Suggestions for the new forum

    Does anyone think the preview for post is quite narrow? Also, the image is not showing up in preview mode (only the BBcode for image).
  12. ManaSeed

    Awesome forum.

    How do you change username/nickname? I want to add capital letter to my nickname .