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  1. ttoonnyy

    The Devastator - 18 power canon, wheel based turret

    Hey guys, this is The Devastator, named for its high power Cannon, which seems to tear player vehicles to pieces. It can knock the sword, in the sandbox, over the mountain, with a good shot. It can also be killed be its own ricochets from the edge of the map. I'm posting this for a few reasons...
  2. ttoonnyy

    Making skins?

    Hey guys, I'm a long time 3D Modeller, and might make some skins when I get the motivation. I have two questions. Once I've put out my OBJs and texture files, how the hell do I make it a skin, and would anybody like to do that part of it if there's a good one to make and it's more complicated...
  3. ttoonnyy

    Clockwork AI Battlecar (Automatic Opponent) - The Berserker

    So, how about an opponent to fight, in Besiege? Something to test your weapons/vehicles against? Story This one took me a few days. The original plan was to make a Carmageddon scenario, but my computer can't really handle more than 2 of them, so this is what I'm releasing. I may create a...