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    Strandbeest [Besiege v0.2]

    Inspired by Theo Jansen. He is Dutch... Download it.
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    Raptor Tank [Besiege 0.2, no mods]

    Aim gun with numpad arrows, shoot with [5]. Drive with t, g, f, h. If you flip over during turning, use turret and gun to flip back. Use unlimited ammo and have fun with the gun. Uses wishbone suspension. Block count: 193 Fit's in the bounding box. No mods...
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    Mech Car

    No BSG yet. I've submitted this to the Geary Awards, so download will be posted in November if anyone is interested.
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    Control Algorithms using In-Game Scripting Mod

    I've been trying a simple on-off control algorithm which uses spaar's mod. -- import unity engine refference and declare variables import ('UnityEngine') setPoint = 325.0 -- the angle at which the lever should bounce about tilt = 0.0 -- the speed of the wheel (which is in automatic mode)...
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    All Levels Buggy Tank [MultiMod]

    Thanks to Nissenko for the crane idea. Movement with arrows. Tap up arrow to shoot cannons (the forward nudge helps the tank stay in place). 't' and 'g' are for turret (de)elevation. '5' and '6' are for rockets. 'r' is for crane grabber and 'y' is for flamethrowers. Suspension is good...
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    Uses the MultiMod and has realistic suspension and steering. Attached Files
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    Wheel Design

    I found it to be useless but looks cool. Attached Files
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    On the mining site map. When I shoot a boulder with a cannon the boulder goes where one would expect. If I throw a bomb at it, the explosion doesn't push it but rather pulls it in the wrong direction. Can't explain it very well and putting randomosity(?) aside, friction and torque are arguing...
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    Drop Pod Testing [MultiMod]

    Didn't turn out what I was expecting but it's still kinda cool. Reminds me of the old-school game "Moon Lander" or something of the sort. Attached Files droppod.bsg droppod_small.bsg
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    Volume Mixer

    On Win7. Very often when I have the game running and alt+tab to desktop, the volume mixer goes mad. Some of its sliders appear flickering on the screen on top of everything. Trying to switch to the volume mixer window doesn't always work and if it does the different apps+volume sliders for them...
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    My first success at stable flight in Besiege. Customize controls to your liking since the MultiMod setting don't always save. I use auto-steer. Yeah, this doesn't have a vertical stabilizer because the thrusters stabilize the plane automatically. Any suggestions to how to make it better will...
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    Lambo (Piston Steering)

    Lambo style lightweight chassis. The steering mechanism uses pistons to return wheels to straight position when buttons aren't pressed (I know the mod has that option for steering hinges but I wanted to find a solution anyway). Only the back wheels are driven and their speed is differentiated by...
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    Hi thar, How can I change some of the textures of the blocks?
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    Combustion Engine Using the MultiMod. Thanks a ton. It'd be awesome if canons could fire whenever they are heated. This way a spark can be introduced in the right time of the cycle and let the engine run on its own. Attached Files engine3.bsg
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    GONZALO (The Tiny Two-legged Hopper) + swarm concept + chariot

    Meet Gonzalo. He cute. He deadly. You love him. I know it. Attached Files
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    Train Use only 'h'. Time it properly to avoid damage and to reverse direction of movement. Attached Files train.bsg
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    Gearbox Vehicle Fully operable gearbox vehicle with propellers. 5 gears + rear. Has a good clutch. 5th gear grinds. Figures. Download: Controls: t - forward (is actually...
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    Segmented Rocket Propulsion

    Nothing special about it really, the concept is hardly anything new. There is a download link and controls description on youtube page.
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    Balista Glider Concept [0.0.5] tis cool Attached Files