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  1. ChaseNetwork

    Default Steering

    Good day, everyone. I've been tinkering with the idea of a defaulted steering system for a little time now. What I mean by this, is that I was looking for a way to have the steer-to direction return to center when steering controls were no longer in use. The same concept may be used with...
  2. ChaseNetwork

    Part Placement

    Good day, everyone. I'm trying to figure out the control for placing direction sensitive parts on my projects, and this is a thing that's slowing me down. For example: I am trying to place a "Hinge" horizontal of a simple block. The "Hinge" will only allow itself to move up and down, but I...
  3. ChaseNetwork

    Wing Positioning

    Good evening. I'm currently working on a jet-engine operated aircraft design. For my design I'm trying to situate the "WING" object to have the leading edge start off facing forward. As it is now, I can place it with the leading edge facing aft of my design, but neither the "F" control or the...