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  1. Nathaniel411

    Need Some help for a running mechanism

    I am trying to make a runner that uses a mechanism like this: So a large wheel rotates,but a block attached to the side of it isn't. I don't know how to make it like the other guys can. I need help so for now I need like 5 knights to support it. btw, does a balloon attached to a grabber on a...
  2. Nathaniel411

    Attachment problem

    When I click on any attachment,the page becomes just white with a link like this: (Its the block loader I was trying to dl) Can someone help?If this is a forum problem,please fix it quickly!
  3. Nathaniel411


    How does your ranking change,like the "peasant" thing on my profile?
  4. Nathaniel411


    I followed all the instructions,and used the mod loader installer,but the mods just wont load.Not sure if its the mod loader or the mods that are broken,but I need a solution for this because I am missing out on the most amazing things in the community