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  1. AxeSlash

    6DOF Demonstrator

    So, being an old bloke, many years ago I used to play a game called Descent. Descent's main feature was that the player's ship had full 6 Degrees Of Freedom movement - forwards/backwards, up/down, strafe left/right, pitch, yaw, and roll (this was a first, at the time). This is my attempt at...
  2. AxeSlash

    Spinning Brace Torque bug

    TL;DR: Attaching a brace to anything that spins causes extra unwanted torque. This torque is NOT symmetrical across counter-rotating coaxial systems (making it impossible to create a coaxial helicopter that doesn't yaw unnecessarily [without active compensation, anyway]. Skip to post #8 for a...
  3. AxeSlash

    Change the brace .obj?

    There doesn't seem to be a .obj for the brace in my Templates folder - only the texture. Can the brace geometry be replaced (I'd like to make them tubular)? I'm guessing that there would have to be two parts - the end point blocks and the actual brace itself...
  4. AxeSlash

    Grave Digger (monster truck)

    There are a lot of Besiege monster trucks knocking around, but I've been disappointed by how innacurate they are to the real thing - both in terms of aesthetics and mechanisms. This is a replica of the famous Grave Digger monster truck - as accurate as I can make it in Besiege at the moment...
  5. AxeSlash

    List of skins used in machine

    Is it possible to get a list of skins that you've used in your machine before you upload it? My machine has 320 blocks and having played with different skins downloaded from Steam Workshop during it's construction, I wanna know if I've e.g. accidentally left a brace with an incorrect skin pack...
  6. AxeSlash

    Texturing/UV help

    So I've created a wheel for a monster truck; (see below) you'll notice that it's all black (rim and tyre) - the inner rim is meant to be grey and the outer beadlocks are meant to be purple. I have no idea how to convert from the basic non-texture materials I have applied to a texture atlas...
  7. AxeSlash

    Forum - Lists & Strikethrough

    Just a minor niggle - is it possible to make bulleted/numbered lists have some paragraph spacing applied? At the moment they just appear as a huge block of text, which isn't very easy on the eye. A half (or full, if half isn't possible) line space between elements of the list would help...
  8. AxeSlash

    Torsion Bar

    Are there any blocks that can function as a torsion bar? Or has anyone come up with an idea of how to make one? I've got a vague idea of how to do it, but I suspect it won't be strong enough.
  9. AxeSlash

    Various bug reports

    People, please post if you are able to replicate these bugs/have the same issues; more people suffering from these = higher up the priority list it should go for the devs. My info: Latest Besiege ver (0.32 I think off the top of my head? - it's from Steam, anyway, and is up to date) Machine is...
  10. AxeSlash

    Coax rotors & torque

    So I've been struggling with this for a while: how the hell do I keep the speed of the top rotor the same as the bottom rotor on a coaxial helicopter? Any difference in speed between the two rotors causes torque on the chassis, resulting in unwanted yaw. I tried using gears, but they just...
  11. AxeSlash

    Automatic logout

    It seems that after a number of minutes of no activity, I get logged out automatically. Is there a way of disabling this? If not, it would be really useful to have something in user settings to either disable or change the non-activity period. Quite a few times it's logged me out while I'm in...
  12. AxeSlash

    A comprehensive list of suggestions, improvements, and issues

    So I've had a good read of the stuff in this forum, and I'm seeing the same suggestions come up with reference to different blocks (e.g. someone saying 'let me start the steering block at 45 degrees' and someone else saying 'let me start the piston extended'. We can distill that into 'let me set...