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  1. LoliHentaiLover

    Quad Prop Heli

    Mwahaha! I am back! Since Paradox engine does not work anymore (RIP Swastika heli), I made new heli (Not a swastika this time). It has "VTOL" thingy, but the small wing pieces don't have enought lift to keep it up long. ------------------------ --- QuadRopter -- ------------------------...
  2. LoliHentaiLover

    [Prototype] Large gear moving platform

    Hello There So I was experimenting with the new gears, and they are very useful. You can use them for many many things. But to the thing. I was making this thing (see in video) it just a moving thing for now. But its supposed to able to have massive gun, crane or something. Its working.. eh...
  3. LoliHentaiLover

    Flying Machine w/ Slider Engine

    After I saw video about slider engine (Paradox) I wanted to make something with it, first I played with it a bit. Then I tried if it works other way.. Instead of rotating like 'I' I made it like '-' It does still work, needs just something to spin it up. Thats what those Stringys or whatever...