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    Suspension Compression

    i believe people who use the suspension blocks as actual suspension for trucks and cars would appreciate this a lot. This would also help with trying to replicate more complex real life vehicles, also if the suspension spring tension could be lowered a bit that would help as well. Still...
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    Tank Stuff

    while not really falling into the whole theme of Besiege, Tank Treads and a cog to help move the hinge chains that people make with make tanks a lot easier to make. Also strengthening the hinges would be appreciated. Rotty
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    Disco War Truck

    Ok, so after going though most of the story, watching some YouTube videos for ideas, five prototypes, and lot of free time, i made this little beauty: DISCO WAR TRUCK.bsg its very mobile, completes all but two levels in the current story line, and very destructive. Its only weakness...