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    Translation Mods [Spaar`s Modloader]

    Only Сhinese version is up to date? Sad.
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    Ok, it will be great!
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    v0.25? Yes :) upd. oh, already found your post)
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    Hey, 2016 already, what about localization? :) Me and my friend did some things for Russian language (textures, some texts), but I can't change many ingame texts, because don't know Unity ^^ So, any tools or help from game creators? Or any plans about new languages?
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    Your Top 5 favorite Games that are not Besiege

    Morrowind Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven Warcraft 3 Space Rangers (КР по-нашему) TrackMania ...
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    Dragon [Indigo`s WorkShop]

    Holy dragon's mother! Attached Files
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    Steam Train [Indigo`s Workshop]

    Amazing job!