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  1. Spirit Of Nature

    Lets talk about LORE (Speculation)

    Hey I'm back after being inactive for quite some time, though only some of you might still recognise me. so yeah i got bored and got sucked back into besiege again Well let's cut to the chase shall we? Crystal Magic As you started to shift into a new island called tolbrynd the seemingly...
  2. Spirit Of Nature

    Give me your besiege related poll/survey idea

    I've been barely playing this game ever since the development going slow, and yet i still take responsibility to maintain the wiki. So the thing is i need your idea of a good polls to put up on the wiki mainpage I can't think of any good polling idea (take a look at the polls yourself to see...
  3. Spirit Of Nature

    Forum Guide: What to do if you find a spam page

    If you find a spam page offering a kitc-hen or abortion pills and any other thing DO NOT in any condition gives comment on the spam (Commenting means you're giving the spammer attention) Click on the "Flag" button located between the "Quote" and "Like" Type spam in the reporting description...
  4. Spirit Of Nature

    Question regarding steam features and other essentials

    So while this not a fully essential feature, I sorta need a confirmation on some of this unused steam features I'm sure may people from this forum, /r/besiege, Steam would be interested to know about some of this Any plan on creating steam trading card or creating a competition for it Will...
  5. Spirit Of Nature

    Unity 5 Updater Review Summary (v0.12)

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  6. Spirit Of Nature

    I`VE HAD IT !!!

    Last month you said there will be unity 5 Last month you said you pushing it Well can't you just clucking DO IT I've had it with you guys never keeping promise I've been avoiding besiege for nearly three week But i just can't I love besiege but i just can't wait that much...
  7. Spirit Of Nature

    Cracking the secret code in Ipsilon

    SPOILER AHEAD jk it's just one of my crazy idea after six cans of coffee and 3 hour research so read the article carefully THE HIDDEN CODE OF IPSILON Ever felt kinda confused as how they got the name "IPSILON" Whenever you tried to type ipsilon your computer will suggest you the word epsilon...
  8. Spirit Of Nature

    Unique Zone Idea (None of them involve Water Level)

    Siege Rather than normal siege, enemy has anti air weaponry (Mages or Firework) , to destroy bomber and projectiles It's Fort that can only destroyed by the Prototype (the rams with bombs) Has a rather strong surface defence (lava?) so the player need to create a bomber rather than ground siege...
  9. Spirit Of Nature

    Steam Propelled Acronym Could`ve Emulated (but i) Can`t Reticulate Any Freaking Thing

    Aside from the joke , I Need help collecting SPACE CRAFT!! It's kinda hard to build an example of many complicated construction So i'm needing a Space Creation as a front of a category of spacecraft These are the type of steam propelled craft required Vertical Landing and Takeoff (VTOL)...
  10. Spirit Of Nature

    In the shade of the recent Announcement

    What do you think about besiege entering unity 5 Attached Files
  11. Spirit Of Nature

    1001 Best things to do around Besiege, Now with less Troll

    Okay, the last forum was crowded, i mean to crowded but not to worry This is the "fresh start" you've been waiting for weeks Let's set up the basic rules to make it more neat Next post has to contribute to the list, otherwise, just make it as a comment No Disrespecting other user, (looking at...
  12. Spirit Of Nature

    Forum Guide: Making your own Personal Besiege Banner [Re-made]

    Have you ever thought like, you can make your banner by yourself, rather than making certain person do it for you, Well here's a guide that can teach you to make your own goddamn banner It's easy and would only takes you between 10 to 20 minutes Follow this preparation steps first 1.Start by...
  13. Spirit Of Nature

    A bunch of Silly questions

    So i have been really bothered by many question around this game and forum and i would implode of i didn't really say it out loud What's the deal with Wynnfrith how does she looks like? (i always picture her as a tall malevolent queen with a lyre on her hand). Did she survived the ipsilon siege...
  14. Spirit Of Nature

    Topic Featuring limit

    So somehow my post about that 1001 stuff stop bumping after getting certain amount of responds and the "bump" appear that Maxtcc is the last poster but in the actual thread the last poster is Tekmastr Is it a bug or intentional?
  15. Spirit Of Nature

    Question: Best way to make a grappling/harpoon gun?

    Since there is some genuine combination like the Steam Cannon and the Bomb Cannon, can any of you guys give some insight about grappling gun
  16. Spirit Of Nature

    1001 Fun things to do around Besiege

  17. Spirit Of Nature

    Spamming problem need to be addressed

    So we just got spammed three times in a day and what the cluck with that We need some way to prevent that by maybe adding requirement for creating topic, like 24 hour wait, or requirement for credibility. Or if you can perhaps allow flagging user and block by IP address.
  18. Spirit Of Nature

    Question about machines

    Is it really possible to create a flying machine that elevate by nothing but a flapping wings, if so can anyone give me some example because i've kinda tried to do so for hours like some kind of dumbass.
  19. Spirit Of Nature

    OMG Water is here

    Besiege just got updated without announcement guys !!!!***Fangirl Scream**** I'm too clucking excited not really a water level but it's a progression dammit ! Attached Files
  20. Spirit Of Nature

    Static Weapons I`d like to see [Pics Included]

    Yeah so the metal blade is kinda boring and relatively short so i'm suggesting for a tab that appear when choosing the metal blade to provide with it's variation like these pictures i've provided So it basically includes several uniquely shaped weapons available for your war machines...