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  1. zodium

    Vector graphics

    Can we have vector graphics (if available) of the various Besiege imagery? Especially the icon and text title come to mind. A big part of the Besiege community is sharing your stuff, so I think it'd be helpful.
  2. zodium

    Precision Building Project [PBP v0.04/Besiege v0.04]

    The Precision Building Project (PBP) aims to add more user control and quality of life features to Besiege, including variable on-the-fly rotation step size control (e.g., 22.5 degrees, 30 degrees, etc.) for constructing things like proper wheels, block placement offset (no more placeholder...
  3. zodium

    New Block Proposal megathread

    This is the thread for suggesting new blocks. It's kind of dumb having only separate threads for every little block suggestion we get, so I'll try to compile them here. Please keep within-thread suggestions to the known scope of the game (e.g., no scalable blocks, no programmable/sensor blocks...
  4. zodium

    Suggestions for the new forum

    Here's a few things I think would be good for the new forum: * Disable RTF option. This would entirely disable RTF editing and force BBcode whenever possible. * Larger font (option). Currently, the forums 'look right' at about 125-150% client zoom, while at 100% there's a ton of background and...
  5. zodium

    The Chaos Tank

    Timelapse from first to final version Final version Chaos Tank eats two player bombs without flinching; keeps driving, fires entire arsenal; drives over environment bomb, /still keeps driving./ Main warp cannon fires four shots with automatic reload. Ten upper...
  6. zodium

    Angle Step Size (with guide) [Obsolete]

    This mod is about allowing players to control the angle step size and set it to values other than 90, in order to make wheels and whatnot. Simply download the pack and replace your original Assembly-UnityScript.dll file (after making a backup) with the aptly named file of your choosing. (Credit...