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    Questions on Motor wheel

    Toggle Mode means the controls toggle the motor wheel on and off (instead of the default push-to-motor behavior). Automatic causes the wheel to ignore input and behave as if FORWARDS is always pressed
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    Stop thread`s auto-scroll?

    What configuration do I use to stop threads automatically scrolling to the last post of the thread when it loads?
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    Weird wheel contact behaviour

    Not a bug. Large wheels have 5 fixed connection points on their external face, as well as 4 fixed connection points around their perimeter. Objects attached to these points will attempt to rotate/move in relation to the wheel
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    How do I make proper tank tracks?

    there is a video on how to make tank tracks, but it's several versions old, and you may need to adjust the instructions as appropriate. Jump to 1:41 to bypass all of his intro stuff:
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    Steam Propelled Acronym Could`ve Emulated (but i) Can`t Reticulate Any Freaking Thing

    I've made a spacecraft which operates in six axes and utilizes androgynous dock/berth connectors allowing two craft to be docked together, or berthed to a separate location. controls for the single craft are a bit cramped but are designed to include the yet-to-be-implemented second craft The...
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    Scania Truck

    that looks pretty cool Fnom!
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    Mighty Mech Challenge

    You are one amongst none. ... YEAH!@#!~
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    bad frame glitch -not only my computer

    those are my questions, only phrased differently :D
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    bad frame glitch -not only my computer

    what? are you bowling? are you making picture frames? umadbro? why are you cursing if it's better?
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    Water cannon impulse

    Wait, what is rocket surgery again?
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    Grabber and piston settings not saved/loaded in others machine

    I've done further testing regarding websites sharing .bsg files I discovered a few blocks I failed to apply to the initial test. The Small Wheel, Large Wheel, and Powered Cog also exhibit their toggleable setting being unset when downloaded from the Steam Workshop. For testing against other...
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    [Guide] How to Load other users machines!

    I think it's pretty obvious to those who have steam how the steam workshop works. if you're still having difficulty in Besiege downloading and playing games through the Steam Workshop, you should ask on the Steam forums or contact Steam Support
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    Ballasts don`t display in thumbnail

    ffs it's so frustrating searching for a bug and not finding, making a report, then being shown a report already exists x(
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    Rope problems

    if I wait for your machine to settle down, I do notice an occasional unsettled bouncing of the ram, but nothing as significant as the video you have shown. Capitalized letters is considered yelling online and isn't necessary to get help.
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    Ballasts don`t display in thumbnail

    Ballasts aren't visible in screenshots. Here's a scene and the associated thumbnail for the scene displaying the bug. This file was originally created in v0.10 and re-saved in v0.11. I've tested all objects and this is the only one that currently exhibits this behavior. Attached Files...
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    Rope problems

    I've downloaded the mentioned machine and I see no problems with it. Could you start with what you expect the ropes to do? Then say what the ropes are actually doing for you?