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    Precision Building Project [PBP v0.04/Besiege v0.04]

    Does this mod work with V0.08 yet?
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    Suspension Compression

    Once more, just a suggestion. I understand what you mean by complicated math(s) (oh you silly Brits and maths =P), it was just something i thought of just then as i was writing the reply. I still like the travel adjustment idea, though i would like to see some other blocks integrated to make...
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    Suspension Compression

    I'm with AxeSlash in that we need a travel parameter so set the initial length on start but allow it to travel farther once there is some room for further expansion, or another alternative is have a weight counter and have the suspension react to that in build mode then just hoping it will be...
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    Suspension Compression

    i guess that's more or less what i'm suggesting is being able to control the length, because right now its hard to judge what the tacks are going to act like when the suspension is softer and there's some actual weight on it.
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    Suspension Compression

    i believe people who use the suspension blocks as actual suspension for trucks and cars would appreciate this a lot. This would also help with trying to replicate more complex real life vehicles, also if the suspension spring tension could be lowered a bit that would help as well. Still...
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    Tank Stuff

    while not really falling into the whole theme of Besiege, Tank Treads and a cog to help move the hinge chains that people make with make tanks a lot easier to make. Also strengthening the hinges would be appreciated. Rotty
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    Disco War Truck

    Ok, so after going though most of the story, watching some YouTube videos for ideas, five prototypes, and lot of free time, i made this little beauty: DISCO WAR TRUCK.bsg its very mobile, completes all but two levels in the current story line, and very destructive. Its only weakness...
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    Dragon [Indigo`s WorkShop]

    for some reason he doesn't want to stay together for me, and im at 30% speed. wings are falling apart and tail keeps falling off. or just all together falls into himself
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    Steam Train [Indigo`s Workshop]

    if you dont mind me asking, how do i get the file into the game, im new to this kind of stuff and have no idea what im doing