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  1. gman4545

    New Update bug V0.6.2

    so I've been playing a lot after the update and I've encountered the same bugs over and over and over again. The only way to fix the problem is to restart the game. Its very simple to encounter the bug, just mess around with the properties from grabbers, wheels and flying blocks then...
  2. gman4545

    Multiverse: More Multiplayer

    There should be a button to host online or join a lobby button. And because its too expensive for the besiege creators to buy a bunch of good processors, you should host it yourself. It would also be easier if there were a bunch of premade maps that people could vote on and every week a new...
  3. gman4545

    Game Crashes when building a large map

    Its been happening a lot recently and I hope these files can help. It has happend so far 4 times so i thought i should report this. I also cant upload the world to the workshop because its ''too big''.
  4. gman4545

    Things arent regenerating when in build mode and can be destroyed in build mode

    I broke a tree by moving my machine over it in build mode. it still interacts with it even when the tree fell over.