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  1. Voncrumb


    Hello <style> body { background-image: url(""); } <audio id="my_audio" autoplay src="​" loop="loop"></audio> hello
  2. Voncrumb

    Steering block rotation limitations

    I would like to see the steering block see the same love as the steering hinge. Being able to limit the number of degrees it rotates. This would be great for machines and vehicles alike.
  3. Voncrumb

    Invasion Mod [Spaar`s Modloader][Besiege v0.35]

    Please Note: This is for Besiege version 0.35 it will probably not work on later versions of Besiege! Have you ever just wanted to fire, crush or blow up endless waves of enemies of varying types? Well now you can! How to use this mod: How to install: hi Change Log Current features...
  4. Voncrumb


    I bet the moon is going to be a place to make levels, like how in little big planet you have "my moon" if so its going to be a cool Easter egg :D