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  1. ITAsimo456

    Can`t change title in a thread

    Hi, i'm tried to change the title in one of my threads, but when i save, the changes are not saved (Title isn't modified) Is this a bug or i'm missing something?
  2. ITAsimo456

    Fully Mechanical car! (2 Speed gearbox, diffs etc)

    Hi, i'm back with my new Mechanical car. Major differences between V2 and V1: + 2 speed Gearbox + Sturdier chassis + Differentials (Front diff, central diff, rear diff) + Faster turning + Shorter rear&front axles + An engine (V1 features a wheel as an engine, V2 a dedicated engine) - Heavy and...
  3. ITAsimo456

    Throttleable Chinook (Easy to control)

    So, after sharing my Throttleable Helicopter, i thinked on the problems of it. The first thing that i could've said was: It works much easier in a couple. Then, why not trying to make a "replica" of the famous Chinook Helicopter? Controls: "Arrows" to control Pitch and Roll; "Q" and "E" to...
  4. ITAsimo456

    Throttleable Helicopter (my first heli)

    So, i just joined building flying machines. This is my first heli. It handles bad, but it has an unique feature: Throttle. I found that my throttle system (bug) is very good on flying machines, so i decided to build an heli. Unfortunately i needed to use Flying Blocks to control Pitch and...
  5. ITAsimo456

    Festivities challengessharing!

    Let's build creations related to the New Year and christmas! You can decide to participate to the challenge or not. Don't worry to have the same idea as others. Just let's have some fun! You can build togheter too! Just credit your friends who built it with you. Ideas brainstorming: Santa...
  6. ITAsimo456

    Strong Crane challenge (Hard!) (EDIT)

    My dad gave me the challenge to build a crane. I did it, but now it's up to you guys. Build a crane that can lift very high a very heavy object. EDIT: Build a realistic crane that can lift very high a very heavy object. No winners, but only some competition. Someone built a high crane that can...
  7. ITAsimo456

    [Idea for modders] Persistent world mod

    I was thinking about a persistent world mod, where when you restart the simulation, a vehicle stays there where you left it. To switch between starting blocks to control, a key. Like kerbal space program. A pseudo-idea: when the player stops the simulation, save the rotation, the vehicle as...
  8. ITAsimo456

    Throttling Bug 2! It works!

    And now, remember the old throttle bug? That old, big and ugly car? Now, found another bug that's accessible, simple, and first of all, it works flawlessly! (It has its limitations) The system: A steering block is on a base block. The base block is connected to one of the sides of the blocks...
  9. ITAsimo456

    The small Large cog.

    Ok, glitching around i found that cogs won't break while glitched. So, why not creating a small cog that has the same amount of tooths of a large one? It consists in a powered cog (Rotation 0°) and an unpowered cog (rotation 23°) So, as of now the only utility of this is moving cog racks...
  10. ITAsimo456

    A rover. (Suspension and steering showcase)

    So, i've been experimenting a lot this week. This is what i'm on right now. Developing some good steering and suspension for large vehicles. The suspension system is based on the Mars rover Curiosity. It uses pistons as shock absorbers and has some structural suspension. You can lock the...
  11. ITAsimo456

    Brace swapping bug.

    So... I made a fail post, in the war machines, because this happened once, then nothing. This happened again, so i assume it was not a problem of the machine. (Built another, while trying to make a very simple "gearbox") I found that sometimes the braces swap attachment point with colliding...
  12. ITAsimo456


    Fail, thought i found a bug, but i restarted the game and it didn't work anymore.
  13. ITAsimo456

    [Suggestion] A chat.

    A chat in the top of the homepage, of course retractible (you can close and open it when you want), would be very useful for everyone. You can get helped instantly, you can give suggestion , you can talk, share things, have questions, etc. with everyone. Instantly. What do you think about it?
  14. ITAsimo456

    Single Direction cog

    A useful system, for who could need it. (E.G. Single direction rotator) (Out of ideas to do in besiege, anyone has one?) Attached Files singledirectioncog.bsg
  15. ITAsimo456

    Fastest land vehicle challenge w Different categories

    The challenge is about creating the fastest vehicles. There is no winner, only a ranking. General rules: -The machine should stay on the land (It can't fly) -You should use MaxTCC's Velocity Counter Mod -You can't go farther than the land...
  16. ITAsimo456

    [Suggestion] MeterMod V2

    I suggest creating a new version of the metermod, but now with more functions, such: - Distance between two selected objects (m) - Speed of a selected object (m\s) - A timer (h,m,s,ms) - Orientation of a selected object (° (If possible, horizontal and vertical (x,y) orientation)) - Height from...
  17. ITAsimo456

    Shouldn`t we need some measurement units?

    My opinion. Measurements are important in real life, but they are in besiege too. Think about challenges: We can't give us precise limits about the lenght and the height of a vehicle. One could tell: "It's long 15 blocks!" but i think we should need some "universal" measurements unit. Think...
  18. ITAsimo456

    Cog Racks (Very basic demo)

    "Necessity is the mother of invention" they said. So, while there aren't blocks that we need, we should create them by ourselves. In big scale, obviously. After some raging, i present a demo of a very basic Cog Rack. Of course this needs many, many improvements. (The rotating "cog" is...
  19. ITAsimo456

    Ability to enable rope and braces collision in simulation.

    So, my idea would be very useful. The idea is the ability to enable a simulated rope collision and maybe for braces too. This could be soo useful to make complex machines and faster winding machines, (Think: a rope winding about a block) (Think: Chains, no need to use hinges). (No examples for...
  20. ITAsimo456

    Safe bomb landing challenge!

    Hello everyone, i'm opening a new challenge. This is about safely landing a bomb that falls from the sky. There is a normal version and, for the bravest, the hard one. In the hard one, the bomb falls from an higher altitude. Rules: No use of god cheats. No use of mods to have particular...