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    Text input bug in Multiverse

    Under some circumstances keymapper edits not the selected object, but the previous one. This behaviour is reproducable only in multiverse client (NOT server). Steps to reproduce: 1) Place 2 objects having text inputs (e.g. rocket's color) 2) Open KeyMapper on one of them 3) Select text in...
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    Logic Gate display bug in multiverse

    Hello, I've built an RS-trigger on NOR elements, that is switched by 1 and 2 keys (mapping images attached). While playing in multiverse, I've loaded the same machine on both server and client. Server was running ok, but on client I've noticed rendering bug: sticks that are binded to emulated...
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    Water cannon at low timescale not turning into steam

    Hello, When I've built a machine that uses steam cannons and started the game in slow-mo, I've found strange behavior. At regular timescale, a heated water cannon turns into steam cannon after ~0.5 sec of heating. So at timescale 20% it SHOULD be activated after ~2.5 sec, right? But if...
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    Workshop Content?

    Do you launch the game from Steam menu? I've had no mods and subscriptions when I launched the game as .exe file, not from steam menu.
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    Spike ball bug

    I've discovered a small bug while using spike balls. If you make a "machine" like this, it will be crazily vibrating forever after it touches the ground.
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    Achievement: I didnt need gears anyway bug

    Yep, the same. After some research I've found a bug in the game. When checking for this achievement, game checks existanse of blocks from Menu "3". Menu[3] was an ARMOUR menu: It has the following blocks: Now you'll get this acievement only when you do the job without armour blocks.
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    Game almost unplayable after the last update

    Just pressed "~" key while playing. BTW, today deletion and ctrl+Z works fine for me. There was a mod update today, maybe it was fixed. If not, you can temprorary disable this mod as a workaround.
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    Game almost unplayable after the last update

    I've faced the same issue with deletion. It seems to be related to "Easy Scale" mod. Couldn't reproduce it without "Easy scale" mod. Reproduction steps (stable for me): 1) (re)Launch game 2) Enable "Easy Scale" mod if disabled 3) Enter sandbox map 4) Place a block 5) Delete it via "delete" key...
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    Level editor: Props still breakable with physics off

    I am host. Here are steps I've rechecked 1 minute ago: 1) Launch game 2) Enter multiverse as host 3) Load/create machine with circular saws or drill 4) Add brick wall 5) Disable it's physics 6) Start level 7) Crush the wall (make the machine hit wall with drill or saw) And after level stop this...
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    Level editor: Props still breakable with physics off

    I've just broken unbrakeable brick wall with a circular saw. Just drag the saw in god mode towards the wall. Also seems breakable by drill. Items that where broken by this never respawn and still broken even untill level restart (stop + start) I've discovered it when I tried to cross a bridge...
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    Grabber bug?

    I'm facing the same issue. My machine has grabbers with bombs, launched by rockets. When the bomb explodes, the grabber flames up (???) and hangs for several seconds: Than they fly back to the launch point (still flaming!) and destroy the launchpad.
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    Bug on Duke's knowledge

    Hello. It is possible to pass the level just moving the start block around. It hits the box and the book inside, so you can move the book to the needed position and then return start block back to the bounding box to pass the level.
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    Water cannon impulse

    Maybe It makes kickback less annoying, but I was surprised when I tried to make a machine that will stew itself.:)
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    Water cannon impulse

    Nice physics. :)
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    Water cannon impulse

    Hello. v. 0.11 If you build machines like on the screenshots, they will move forward (for the first one you should disable gravity to fly). This means impulse of water is much bigger then return of cannon. It can't be true in real physics world. Attached Files